No Expensive Wedding & Jahaiz - Pakistani Couple Sets Example For Others With Simple Nikkah

No Expensive Wedding & Jahaiz – Pakistani Couple Sets Example For Others With Simple Nikkah

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When it comes to marriage, it should be an easy and affordable affair. But unfortunately today, a lot of customs and rituals have crept into the process of marriage, most of which have absolutely no concept in Islam. Recently, a Pakistani couple just set an example for many. No mayoun, dholki, mehndi, or even baraat. Just a simple nikkah.

Wedding ceremonies these days are nothing but just a boast and a show. A simple nikkah saves us from many other problems. In a similar fashion, this couple had a simple nikkah and then a small gathering at home with hardly 10-15 relatives who were in the city at the time. The same event counted as rukhsati (farewell) as well.

“For Walima (Since it’s a Sunnah), we had a few Daigs made. And my wife and I drove out into the streets and gave the food to any poor person we could find,” the groom shared on his Facebook profile.

'No One Will Remember Your Expensive 3-5 Day Event'- This Couple Sets An Example For Many With Simple Nikkah
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Further added, “I always used to say when I will get married, I will do it in the simplest way possible. And I’m proud to say that Allah has blessed me with a Wife and Parents who have the same mindset.”

He did not let his parent spend a single penny on his wedding. He always wanted to fund his own wedding. “But it would be really selfish of me to say that. Because all the credit goes to them who raised me and made me capable of doing so. Result? My wife looks at me with pride,” he wrote.

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“I love her for the joy and happiness she brought into my life. Not some items of Jhaiz (dowry) which usually puts the women’s parents in debt. Resulting in her hating you for it.”

This couple sets us so many goals!

Whatever money they could have spent on a fancy wedding or jewelry, they used it to buy things for their life ahead. Moreover, they planned a financially secure future for them.

The guy says, “See, I’m not against fancy and expensive weddings. I’m a strong believer in doing what makes you happy. If having a big wedding with your friends and loved ones around you makes you happy. DO IT!”

However, he adds, “If your intentions are anything other than that, you are gonna be REALLY disappointed. Because no one is going to remember a single thing about your fancy and expensive 3-5 day event which is going to leave your father in crumbling debt for the years to come.” Well, we could not agree more!

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In addition to this, he shares that it is also because of these expensive marriages, that it is easier to do Zina than getting married. “So, kindly make marriages easy and simple so that people would be drifted towards the halal,” he concluded his message.

It is to be noted that besides this, so much wealth is squandered in such marriages. Thereby, becoming a burden on the poor class of society. An over-the-top display of wealth- whether within one’s means or beyond- is a blatant expression of insensitivity to the plight of the less fortunate and oppressed over the world.

Here’s hoping and praying that this couple has an amazing life ahead! Unlike this couple, recently, a big fat Pakistani wedding took place that made many furious as they believe that a simple lockdown wedding would have been enough.

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