This Pakistani Couple needs your help to get an Indian visa- but its not what you think

Aleem Haider Junejo was like any other human being out there. Married to Maria Junejo, he worked for Allied bank and while his wife worked at Generations, a reputable and well known school.

However, life had other plans for them. A few weeks ago, Aleem was taken to the hospital for what the couple thought was an ordinary lung infection. In a horrible turn of events, he was diagnosed with lung disease after a mere 10 days of his illness.

Aleem has a genetic disorder which has irreversibly damaged his lungs, causing them to stop functioning. The only hope he has now is a cardio-pulmonary transplant but unfortunately, the technology required for such a transplant is currently unavailable in Pakistan.

The only place Maria could afford to take her husband was India but when she applied for and Indian visa, it was rejected not once but twice. The second time, she even got a phone call from the Indian High Commission Islamabad, telling her to not apply again since they were not gonna allow her husband to travel to the neighbouring country for his transplant.

Please share this information as much as you can to relevant authorities and anyone whom you think we be able to help Maria get an Indian visa for herself and her husband. No act is too small. Help save this young man’s life so that Aleem and Maria can enjoy as much time together as they can.

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