Pakistani Coronavirus Patient From France Shares His Story!

pakistani coronavirus patient

Pakistani man residing in France has shared his experience with COVID-19 in an interview. He encouraged others to take the disease seriously.

The man identified as Dr Mubashir Malik has said that he felt the same coronavirus symptoms but he didn’t think that he got infected with the virus. Until the situation got serious.

“I was feeling lethargic but I thought it’s because of my daily hectic routine. However, later in the morning, I had severe cough and muscle pain from the neck to the lower back. I also got high fever which is when I thought about getting the virus,” he said.

He further said that he took his entire family to the doctor where he came to know that he is only infected. Doctor asked him to stay isolated at home. However, the situation got even worse when he got severe body pain and cough with blood in it. He was then taken to hospital and is currently receiving coronavirus treatment.

Mubashir advice Pakistanis to stay home, stay safe!

Mubashir also gave a few advice to the people living in Pakistan. “Please take this issue very seriously. Stay at home and maintain social distance. Avoid handshakes and hugs. Give paid leaves to your house-aides as they can transfer the virus from one place to another. Clean your house with bleach. Elderly people, kids and women are more vulnerable to the virus, they must stay at home. Maintain safe distance of 1.5 meters atleast. Don’t share your personal belongings. Go out only if it’s necessary”.

Apart from Mubashir, many other coronavirus patients have been sharing their experience on social media. Many said the experience gave them a whole new appreciation for those who live under the cloud of Stigma every single day of their lives. “If this is you, Please know, you are not alone. We are here for you!”.

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Coronavirus cases in Pakistan hit 237

The total number of coronavirus cases in Pakistan hit 237 on Tuesday. Nearly, 50 more individuals tested positive for the virus in Sindh, Punjab Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan.  In Punjab, 25 new cases were reported on Tuesday. Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar said there were now 26 confirmed coronavirus cases in the province.

Sindh government is taking proactive measures to tackle the situation. Prime Minister Imran Khan has also urged people to do to panic. “The nation must not panic. Your government is closely monitoring the [coronavirus] situation”, he said. He urged the people to join hands with the government to battle the coronavirus.

Fearing a sharp increase in prices of essential commodities in the wake of a high demand amid coronavirus fear, Khan said his government would go all out and take every step to ensure the smooth availability of daily-use items.

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