WATCH: Top Pakistani Celebs Come Together For A Short Film On Coronavirus

pakistani short film on coronavirus

Renowned Pakistani celebrities have joined hands for a special cause. In a short film, Pakistani actors have spread a public service message on coronavirus. The video is very interesting and creative and gives all the relevant information regarding COVID-19.

They apparently took inspiration from the recent social media challenge [No Rush Challenge]. The video stars actor Hamza Ali Abbasi, Reema Khan, Ayesha Omar, Maya Ali, Bilal Maqsood, Iqra Aziz, Faisal Kapadia, Ali Rehman, Humayon Saeed, Shehzad Roy, Zara Noor Abbas, and legendary Anwar Maqsood.

It starts with Hamza Ali Abbasi telling people to stay at home. He was seen talking to actress Reema on phone, who gives the message to take care of your health. Then the phone call continues from one actor to another till it reaches Anwar Maqsood who tells people to stay clean [safai nisf emaan hai].

Moreover, the interesting thing about this film is it’s an unpaid and unbranded campaign. No advertising of any brand can be seen throughout the video. All celebrities have purely come out for the sake of humanity.

We’re loving this super creative corona awareness video featuring a whole lot of celebrities putting their influence to good use ?#HamzaAliAbbasi #Reema #HumayunSaeed #ShehzadRoy #MayaAli #SheheryarMunawar #AyeshaOmar #ZaraNoorAbbas #AliRehmanKhan #ShanieraAkram #MikaalZulfiqar #FaisalQureshi #AnwarMaqsood

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We’re all dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s an unprecedented global health challenge. Many organizations, as well as common people, have been reaching out to locals in need. Many have been sharing COVID-19 prevention tips as well. Raising awareness is a larger effort to drive social change in this society. Some people are still not taking this pandemic seriously and spreading the virus across the country.

Coronavirus in Pakistan

With each passing day, the coronavirus cases have been increasing across the country. The total number of infection cases has reached now reached to 11,155. 131,365 tests have been conducted since the outbreak of the pandemic. Local transmission is 79 percent and foreign travel 21 percent.

Due to the negligence of the people, the local transmission cases have been increasing daily. Many cities are under lockdown but still, the authorities have failed to keep people at home. Slowly, the government has been easing down the lockdown which has also raised some serious threat.

However, the labor class is also suffering due to this lockdown. It is getting out of the hand for the Pakistani government to tackle the situation since both the scenario is negatively affecting someone or other.

In the wake of the rapid surge in COVID-19 cases, the Sindh government has banned Taraweeh congregations in mosques during Ramazan. Coronavirus pandemic will massively spread if large gatherings are not avoided. The Sindh government has shared some SOPs before Ramadan for the congregative prayers.

Prime Minister Imran Khan also cautioned that the month of May is crucial for the country. He urged people to take preventive measures and practice social distancing to avoid the worst-case scenario of overwhelming hospitals.

People need to be responsible during this crisis, as no one can force anyone to act responsibly and care for humanity.


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