Here are 9 Pakistani Celebrities Who Managed to Continue Their Career Even After Divorce

The word “divorce” has always been taken in evil terms which is why, anyone falling in that category is considered shameless in our society. But with time, this mindset has evolved to an extent where celebrities now shove it off and move ahead with their daily lives. Whereas, in the past, people used to set back at home for some time and then get back to lives. Nonetheless, the current lot of the industry doesn’t consider it a full stop on their work lives.

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Here is a list of some of those stars who knew exactly how to give amazing performances without getting their divorces to affect them in any way.

1. Shaista Lodhi

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Shaista rose to fame from her morning shows on ARY, GEO television and many other leading channels after which she got opportunities in the acting career. In between all these achievements, she faced a tough period in her married life which lead her to take divorce. Keeping the news a secret at first, she continued doing the morning show but even after the news broke, she was not bothered to let her career be affected by that. Recently. she re-married her cousin Adnan, who is a businessman.

2. Nadia Khan

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Nadia also shared the same story like Shaista. Her career started from acting although people recognized her more by her morning shows on GEO tv, which was a trendsetter. It was the first time that a female host was hosting a show. While she was at the height of her career, her husband failed to understand and support her freedom to do whatever she chose to do in her career became a major reason for their divorce. But despite all of this, she still went on to do amazing shows and made so many fans!

3. Humaima Malick

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The model cum actress showed her talent in many of her drama serials which stunned people over how talented one can be. Back in the day, she married Shamoon Abbasi and it was all fine until the news of their divorce appeared on the social media. The major reason for their parting way was the number of differences. Nonetheless, she continued her good work and made the audience go crazy after her performance in BOL. From that point onwards, she started getting offers from Bollywood, considering it as a great opportunity. However, she went for it and made people love her from across the border.

4. Mahira Khan

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She’s counted in the list of one of the most amazing actors that Pakistan is blessed with, not only is a beauty with brains but also multi-talented. From the very start until now, Mahira made sure to nail every department that she ever steps in. Being married at an early age, she suffered a heartbreak when she got divorced.It was yet again the career that created a problem between the couple. However, the iron lady knew exactly how to battle with it and gave back to back phenomenal performances. From Humsafar till Raees, she has won the heart of almost everyone around the globe.

5. Farah Sadia

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Who doesn’t know her from her great morning shows and performance in some of the Pakistani dramas? It’s been a long time since she has been nailing at being a host on ATV. If you’re still confused about her surname, then let me clear it for you. Yes, she was called Farah Hussain previously but after her divorce, she changed back her name to Farah Sadia. It was the career differences that affected her married life and she decided to part ways. Although she still continued to do morning shows on the same channel, it’s disappointing how your spouse fails to understand you when the choice left is to balance life and career altogether.

6. Naveen Waqar

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Naveen was always a big name when it comes to being a female radio jockey after some time she also started doing dramas. There is no doubt that she had got skills and she proved it by doing a negative character in Humsafar and making people hate her to limits. The RJ got married to Salma’s former husband Azfar Ali and later revealed that Salma already warned her about marrying her husband. Moving on in 2017, Azfar announced that he has gotten a divorce with Naveen. She didn’t take much time to return back to the screen and do more work. Recently, the actress is working in Pakistani Dramas.

7. Umer Sharif

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He is known for his amazing comedy performances around the world. Although his love life wasn’t as good as his career, his first marriage was with a girl not belonging to the showbiz industry but it failed. After some time, he married his colleague, Shakila Qureshi but even that didn’t work out. However, the third one has sustained and he is living a happy life from 2005 to date.

8. Faisal Qureshi


Faisal has seen it all in during his journey of acting. From the struggling phase till now, he has proved to be a talented yet heartthrob actor who doesn’t seem to age now. A number of performances done by him have made a home in the minds and hearts of the audience that they still love him for. Faisal married the first time at the age of 18 and had a daughter, Hanish Qureshi, although it didn’t work out for him. The second time he was 24 years old but even that didn’t work out and they parted ways after some months. Currently, he is living a happy life with his third wife Sana Qureshi whom he has a daughter, named Ayat Qureshi. The couple looks cute and shares an amazing bonding between them.

9. Mikaal Zulfiqar


He is a phenomenal actor with a number of great performances on his credit. He has done amazing dramas till now like Seher-e-Zaat and Alif Allah Aur Insan that have made people go gaga for him. The amazing actor ended up his 6-year-old relationship with his wife Sara Bhatti in 2017. The couple has two daughters. This sad news spread like a wildfire when Mikaal turned to social media to share his separation news.

“Wanted to say this for a while. Finally found the courage to do so. Sad to announce, unfortunately, my marriage of 6 years has ended. After a long separation and despite efforts from both ends, things could not be resolved, which has resulted in divorce.”
There were several speculations over why the divorce occurred one of which is this.
Mikaal said: “I forbid my wife from wearing bold dresses but she replied that you never say anything to your sisters but putting a restriction on me.”
Some even say that his wife wanted to join the industry but he refused her for doing so which resulted in a divorce.

Well, whoever is at fault, the couple should understand each other and then take a decision. Marriage is a beautiful relationship which should not be broken for lame reasons. If you liked this article then like, share and comment down below to give us your feedback.

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