‘Ye Watan Tumhara Hai’: Pakistani Celebrities Unite to Pay Tribute to Unsung Heroes

Pakistani Celebrities Tribute Watan

Back and again we return to our artists, their art, to seek refuge from all the corruption, darkness, and melancholy. They are there to remind us that there is hope, there is still a reason to keeping moving forward. With that motive in heart, they make art for use and entertainment.

Similarly, in this rendition of “Ye Watan Tumhara Hai,” our 21 celebrities joined to sing an ode to the health workers, doctors, nurses, and every other being concerned with the healthcare department.

A Project by Haris Qadeer and Naqash Haider

This soundtrack came was an effort put in by Haris Qadeer and Naqash Haider. From what we see, it is a beautiful rendition of Mehdi Hassan’s “Yeh Watan Tumhara Hai” whose interpretation, this time, in particular, is to pay tribute to all the unsung heroes of Pakistan: armed forces, doctors, engineers, scientists, artists, overseas Pakistanis, and the entire Nation.

From Adnan Siddiqui to the concluding verses by Imran Abbas, this effort does nothing but give us faith and hope in a better – safer tomorrow. We see Adnan Siddiqui playing the tune on his flute, something we have seen him doing before as his not so hidden talent anymore. Then following him, Imran Abbas picks up the next verse and sings it effortlessly. Then gradually, it reaches the chorus where many of these celebrities join to sing the beautiful song.

Unity, faith, and discipline

If you are not reminded of Quaid’s principle: Unity, faith, and discipline, then let us help you see how this song is a splitting reflection of Quaid’s saying. We need to exercise this the most in these crucial times. If we are united, we can work this through. Have faith in us fighting COVID-19, we can work this through. And disciplined by practicing the SOPs, we can definitely work this through.

Have a look at people celebrating this attempt

What do we learn from it?

We see how these celebrities in the safety of their house are keeping themselves protected while promoting the practice of staying home in this pandemic. If anything, we need to learn how beautifully these artists are using their time to promote peace in the country.

Just a few days ago we heard Atif Aslam’s soulful rendition of Asma ul Husna that opened our hearts to the brighter possibilities of tomorrow. Today, we have this to feast our ears.

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