Pakistani Celebrities Raised Their Voice for Palestine

Pakistani Celebrities Raised Their Voice for Palestine

Palestine has been ground down since 1948, the day when the Israeli state started forming in Palestine.

Countless wars have taken place between Israel and Palestine, with Palestinian properties being occupied, children dying and getting murdered while millions still live in open-air prisons in Gaza.

Muslims from all over the world are showing solidarity with the people of Gaza and asking for international law to be implemented.

Pakistani celebrities also raised their voices for Palestinians, and they are sharing their pain over the deaths of innocent children and civilians.

Showbiz Stars of Pakistan, including Saba Qamar, Yumna Zaidi, Armeena Khan, and Dananeer Mobeen shared solidarity with the Palestinian

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Saba Qamar Raised Voice For Palestine

Taking Twitter, Pakistani star Saba Qamar wrote, “From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will be free! InshaAllah.”

Armeena Khan Raised Voice For Palestine

Armeena Khan said in her Twitter account,”that the Palestinians, in her opinion, are the bravest people on Planet Earth. Zero support, and the entire world against them. My God, I am terrified for the little children about to lose their lives. Sigh.”

Yumna Zaidi Raised Voice For Palestine

Yumna Zaidi said in her Twitter account,” I am not from Palestine, but when you bleed, I bleed too, because! We are all one Ummah!”.

In a war between Israel and Palestinians, more than 900 people were killed. Hamas carried out a massive rocket barrage and ground, air, and sea offensive on Saturday, with Israel repulsing the attack by pounding Gaza with air strikes.

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