Pakistani Celebrities Mourn The Death Of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II is no more with us, the whole world couldn’t believe and people are mourning. She marked the end of seven decades of rule.

Celebrities, sports athletes everyone couldn’t hold their tears and pay their condolences to her family. Mourners across the world are paying tribute to the queen, as are Pakistani celebrities.

The Internet is filled with tweets and posts. Pakistani celebrities have shared memorable moments with her and tribute some great words for her.

Pakistani celebrities mourn on Queen’s death

Filmmaker and former PM Imran Khan’s ex-wife Jemima Khan shared some photos of the Queen and wrote,

“Deepest condolences to the Royal Family on the death of our beloved Queen, who embodied all the most important & increasingly rare qualities in public life- duty, decency, discipline, dignity, commitment, constancy. No one deserves to RIP more.”

Activist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala also marked the time of “shared sorrow,” saying Her Majesty was “a wonderful example for many young women who dream of leading with dignity and service”.

Malala added that the Queen will “continue to be a beacon of inspiration for generations”.

Activist Shaniera Akram commended her on “70 years of selfless service” and shared a photo of her husband Wasim Akram with the Queen on her Instagram story. “Thank you for the service, from my family to yours. Rest in peace,” she added.

‘I feel like I have lost someone very close to me’, Atiqa Odho

For actor Atiqa Odho, the passing of Queen Elizabeth felt personal. “I never met her Majesty and yet today I feel like I lost someone very close to me.

That was her charm and dedication towards her duty as Queen. Queen Elizabeth was a woman of substance. She carried herself with great dignity and never forgot her role as Monarch, wife, mother or grandmother. Her entire life was spent carrying such great responsibilities with such great ease,” she wrote in her lengthy post.

Actor Adnan Siddiqui noted the transitioning eras the Queen experienced and wrote, “From personal messenger to mobile phones, from pound sterling to crypto, from carriage to flying cars, from silent movies to OTTs, Queen Elizabeth saw the world come of age. End of an era. RIP.”

Her 73-year-old son Prince Charles has now become the new King Charles III of the United Kingdom.

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