Pakistani Celebrities Celebrate Father’s Day Expressing Heartfelt Memories With Their Families

father's day pakistan

Fathers are building blocks of the family. They are friendly, wise, and strengthened figures in individual lives who hold them up and help them grow. Let’s be honest, we all love our fathers, and one way or the other, we are what we have become today because of their love, wisdom, support and so much more.

Father’s Day during the pandemic

On 21st June 2020, Father’s day is celebrated throughout the globe. It is to honor and respect fatherhood and the beautiful bond that exists between us and our fathers. It is to cherish the memories we have with them and to celebrate a thousand many more. While everyone has their own way of celebrating the day; some may go out and about having dinner with their dads, while some might cook at home a hefty meal, it is likable that, this is a joyous day for every person, father, and child to cherish and love.

Hence, with the global pandemic still on its full pursuit, this year’s Father’s day was rather out of the ordinary. Most of the people stayed indoors, well, provided almost every eatery is closed for one’s own safety. Although, if we look at it from another angle, the lockdown or the quarantine phase has allowed us to grow closer bonds with the family – hasn’t it?

Pakistani celebrities wish their dads and babas

Regardless, that is a story for another day friends, what was more beautiful was to see how Pakistani celebrities wished their father a very happy and memorable ‘Father’s Day’ by sharing heartfelt notes to beautiful pictures with their fathers. Here are some of the sweetest posts and pictures of our favorite celebrities, as they wish their fathers a Happy Fathers Day!

Mawra Hocane

The ever sweet and fashionable Mawra Hocane is celebrating Father’s day with a blast. She posted a picture of her graduation with her dad and quoted that she is a great fan of her father.

father's day pakistani celebrities

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Happy Father’s Day Handsome. You know I am a Fan ??‍♀️??

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The picture in itself is sweet and shows a great bonding between the duo. It is adorable to see the cute actress as she stands all confidently with her dad.

Faysal Qureshi 

father's day pakistani celebrities

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The next on our list is the classy and television industry icon himself, Faysal Qureshi who was showered with gifts, cakes and presents with lots of love from his family.

His wife posted an intimate and close family picture where Faysal Qureshi sits with his two children and a lot of gifts while he cuts the cake.

Wasim Akram

When it comes to Father’s Day, how can we forget, the greatest bowler of Pakistan. Sadly, though Wasim Akram’s father passed away five years ago. Hence, to cherish the moments with him, he posted a beautiful letter to him, which has us all in tears.

Along with the heartfelt note, Wasim Akram also advised all to call their parents or connect with them, stay in touch because he knows the pain of not getting to be with them any longer. Well, if this isn’t beautiful yet heartbreaking we don’t know what is.

father's day pakistani celebrities

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Imran Abbas 

Finally, the heartthrob bachelor, Imran Abbas wasn’t far behind either. Wasim Akram wasn’t the only one who left us teary-eyed. Imran Abbas took to Instagram, while posting a picture of his late father, that he used to hug him before he left, and now that his father is no more, life seems ideally dull.

We pray that Allah blesses your father with the highest place in Jannah. More so, is it just us, or Imran Abbas looks just like his dad?


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I couldnt leave home without hugging you but you didnt even let me know that you are leaving neither you said Goodbye.I was away when you left silently and I will never forgive myself for not being there. If love alone could have saved you, you never would have died. I need you every moment Papa! You left me empty, hollow and incomplete.My definitions of life, success, achievements, sorrow and happiness are all changed for good.I cry countless times a day without letting anyone know but no one wipes my tears like u did.I wish you know that I am breathing bricks in every breath, feeling as if I have a lump in my chest. But you didn’t go alone Papa! A part of me went with you and I am waiting every single moment to see you when there would be no fear of losing you again..there would be no parting ways. Till we meet again.. HAPPY FATHERS DAY.

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Wow, this year celebrities sure gave us a beautiful idea of how to make Father’s Day memorable and beautiful. So we wish and pray for all the fathers and children out there. May you all have joyous memories and may this father’s day bring you close to your family.

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