Hilarious Names Given to These Pakistani Cartoon Characters Are Making Us ROFL

We all have been going gaga over cartoons throughout our childhood. As 90s kids, we can really empathize over the fact that cartoons have great significance. And when a cartoon is so good, you don’t have to be a kid to watch and love it…

Come to think of it; every cartoon entails a subtle message that may have huge relevance. Every storyline centers an idea, a message for the people to realize and acknowledge. The best example can be Scooby Doo – for years, this cartoon showed us who are the real monsters in life and that friendship can get us through the toughest times.

Now, Pakistan just made one cartoon that is a must, must watch!

Dr. Lifebuoy vs Jaraseem – before you go like, “how is this relevant to an adult?”, we’ve got to tell you that it has everything to do with just being human. Lifebuoy has launched this animated series. It has some really insane graphics AND THE FIRST EPISODE HAS GOT US TALKING!

It has weird characters with some of the funniest names in the world… Check it out here:

All kinds of germs live in those place called “Germary”, where they have a super cool sci-fi system to create rubbish in the whole universe

Source: YouTube

The bad guy is “Don Thoo” who you may count close to Lord Voldemort or even worse

Source: YouTube

Next, you have…

This guy’s literally like, “sun lo ay haseeno, mein hun Al-Paseeno”. How badly do you want to throw a Lifebuoy at his manhole-of-a-mouth?

Source: YouTube

Then we have “Cheenkoo” who always drops his nose everywhere

Source: YouTube

Not to forget “Gur Gur” who well… nevermind

Source: YouTube

and… and… meet Begum Badboo *ewwwwwwwww*

Source: YouTube

See guys? These are the whacky things that might take over the planet if we don’t defeat them with Dr. Lifebuoy. Love the names of these characters though!

Dr. Lifebuoy vs Jaraseem lays emphasis on hygiene and how much we need to gather our efforts towards cleanliness. It also instills a great idea among children who would definitely go crazy after this cartoon.

Hey, don’t miss out on the theme song… it’s really an addictive jingle 🙂

You love it. Don’t you? Tell us your feedback on the effort.

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