Inspirational Pindi-Boy Helps Doctors & Staff While Getting Treated For COVID-19

pakistani coronavirus patient

Amid all the fear of quarantine, self-isolation, increasing deaths and no vaccination yet, a Pakistani boy Usama Ijaz has just recovered from coronavirus like no one else. Usama recently during an interview shared his story about his journey to recovery.

While talking to BBC, he said since he had a lot of time during quarantine, he used it to help the hospital staff in their fight to treat COVID-19. Instead of panicking and fearing death due to coronavirus, this young boy used his skills and time to help people around.

“I used my time reading Quran on mobile. Then I helped the hospital staff and doctors with their work. I set-up an oxygen supply panel in the ICU and help COVID-19 elderly patients with small chores. I fixed their communication system (walkie-talkies) and also helped the hospital in electric and the plumbing works,” said Usama who was quarantined at the Rawalpindi Institute of Urology.

Usama also helped the doctors in monitoring the patients. He also said that he initially got worried after contracting the virus but soon took control of his nerves which helped him in recovery. The boy is an inspiration to many who are struggling with the virus.

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Meet the very jolly Usama Riaz

کورونا: طبی عملے کی مدد کرنے والا پاکستانی مریض

ملیے اسامہ اعجاز سے، جن میں دو ہفتے قبل کورونا وائرس کی تصدیق ہوئی اور وہ ہسپتال منتقل ہو گئےلیکن ان کی شکل میں ہسپتال کے ڈاکٹروں اور طبی عملے کو ایک مددگار مل گیا۔ ???انھوں نے بی بی سی کے ساتھ وہ ویڈیوز شیئر کی ہیں جو انھوں نے کورونا وارڈ میں بنائی تھیں۔۔۔

Gepostet von BBC URDU am Donnerstag, 16. April 2020

“For some who’ve been quarantined, anxiety and fear kick in and they think will become stigmatized by friends, neighbors, and co-workers. People have made them reluctant to acknowledge even the most modest health impact. Coronavirus creates only mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough, with the vast majority recovering from the virus. It is important not to panic and take extra care of yourself.”

The US on Friday said it is helping Pakistan in its fight against coronavirus with more than USD 8 million in new contribution.

The total number of coronavirus infections in Pakistan on Friday soared to 7,025 as the country recorded 497 new cases during the last 24 hours. According to the government’s statistics, 1,765 patients have recovered from the disease. While with the recent 11 deaths in the last 24 hours, the death toll stands at 135.

Usama is now back home after spending 15-days in the hospital. He is recovering well but we are sure the hospital staff must be missing him more now. People like him restore faith in humanity. We wish him luck and hope that he continues to serve the nation for good.


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