Pakistani Blogger’s Letter of Love and Respect to Big Boss Season 11 Winner Shilpa Shinde Is Winning Hearts

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Shilpa Shinde who has been working in Indian Television industry since late 1990’s didn’t get the same level of stardom and fandom the way she got by conquering  Bigg Boss 11. She did not only win the trophy but also millions of hearts and ardent followers through her enthralling and of course stellar journey. Bigg Boss 11 has now truly made her a household name not just in India but also in Pakistan.

Shilpa’s journey towards the title of winner of India’s biggest reality show BB 11 hasn’t been an easy one. Despite all her efforts to be at good terms with almost everyone and to make everyone happy in the chaotic BB11 house, she was still chided by housemates like Hina Khan sometimes for allegedly being “overconfident about her fans” and sometimes for being “emotionless”.

Shilpa was also seen fighting in her unique not so raucous but humorous and indeed entertaining style with Vikas Gupta (or as she used to call him “Guptajee”) throughout the first 3 weeks of the show over a feud which had nothing to do with BB11 itself. Shilpa allegedly blamed Guptajee for firing her from her super hit serial “Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai” from which she not just earned lot more fans but also the title of “Angoori Bhabhi”.

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Before starting my letter of love and respect to you, I wanna congratulate you Shilpa jee from the deepest core of my heart on winning Bigg Boss 11. I am writing this letter of love and respect to you as a “Shilpian” from Pakistan.

Dear Shilpa jee,

I used to relish your role as “Angoori Bhabhi” in serial “Bhabijee Ghar Par Hain” with my parents after a hectic day full of work and assignments but suddenly when you were removed from the serial and some other actress replaced you, I stopped watching that serial as that serial didn’t remain as enthralling and exuberant for me as it used to be with your million dollar smile and sweet face expressions as “Angoori Bhabhi”.

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At that time though ironically not just me but also my parents and friends who used to watch that serial didn’t even know Angoori Bhabhi’s original name and we came across your original name Shilpa Shinde when you made a “Dhamakaydaar”(Amazing) entry into a BB11 house on 1st  October 2017. At BB11’s opening ceremony, when my parents and I saw you again after a long break of over 2 years we started celebrating and my mom’s first sentence on seeing her favorite Indian TV actress again was “ Aray Wah, Dekho, Angoori Bhabhi wapis agayi hai” (Wow, See, Angoori Bhabhi is back).

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From then onwards, I used to eagerly wait for BB11 which used to start at 10:00 pm (Pakistani time) so I can again relish all the fun-filled stuff you had in your possession for all the Darshaks(Viewers) of Bigg Boss 11 including me a blogger and an undergraduate student from “Sarhad Paar”. Initially, Guptajee was the main target of your all satire and humorous jibes which also comprised of several songs sung by you in your sweet voice but later on Hina also fell prey to your humorous jibes particularly when you did a mimicry (though Hina perceived it as a mockery) of Hina weeping and crying loudly when her lover Rocky Jaiswal (or as she calls him “Ro”) departed from the house after meeting her for a while.

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The most amazing part of your BB11 journey for me was that you just went with the flow throughout the 3 months of BB11 and your easy going approach towards almost everything devoid of any sort of pretense has now catapulted you to stardom not just in India and Pakistan but in whole South Asia wherever BB11 was watched.

Throughout your stay at BB11 house, you didn’t fail even for a single moment to amuse your fans. Under the guise of different avatars, you continued to hold everyone to the TV screens when BB 11 was going on whether it was through your mother-daughter relationship with Awaam ki (Public’s) jaan Arshi Khan or your love-hate relationship with Guptajee who you at one time even forced to leave the house through your vengeful but humorous tactics.

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My mom was particularly impressed by your culinary skills… making Parathas for housemates almost out of everything from Aloo to Palak and I was also utterly astounded to see you making so many chapattis single-handedly on a regular basis for all Gharwalas(Housemates). I am literally awe-struck by your personality which is a beautiful blend of a Sanskari Ladki and a modern woman who stands shoulder to shoulder with men and has courageously carved out her own peculiar identity in the Indian T.V industry even after an agonizing hiatus of over two years.

My mom and I not just voted through Voot for you whenever you got nominated but even also prayed for your victory in conquering the title of the BB11 winner as we found you the most deserving contestant of the season Gayara (Eleven) of India’s biggest reality show Bigg Boss. My mom even wept when Salman Khan finally after minutes of suspense and curiosity declared you as the winner of BB11.

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In the end, I just want to express my gratitude to you by uttering this beautiful phrase in your native Marathi language which is “Abhari Ahe” for entertaining not just me but millions of Shilpians like me. I would love to invite you Shilpa jee to my city Lahore too as here in Lahore, Pakistan there are countless admirers and fans of yours and I am one of them.

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