Pakistani Athlete Irfan Mehsud Sets 100 Guinness World Records in Fitness

Pakistani Athlete Irfan Mehsud Sets 100 Guinness World Records in Fitness

Irfan Mehsud has made history by becoming the first Pakistani to achieve 100 Guinness World Records in less than 8 years. Breaking the record of Italy’s Marcello Ferri, Mehsud lifted 63 kg with his toes, surpassing the previous mark of 56 kg. With 46 world records in push-ups, he has also excelled in various fitness categories.

Among his achievements are records for push-ups, squats, jumping jacks, step-ups, knee strikes, and more, breaking records from 16 countries including America, India, China, and Pakistan. Mehsud’s remarkable feat has earned him recognition, including the Presidential Award for Good Performance in 2023.

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Adding to his impressive list of records, Mehsud recently secured three more feats. These include setting records for the most push-ups with fingertips while carrying a 60 lb pack in one minute, the most step-ups in one minute with a 100 lb pack, and the longest duration in a reverse abdominal plank position with a 100 lb pack. His strong dedication to fitness and relentless effort for excellence have firmly established him in the domain of Guinness World Records.

Mehsud expressed his joy over the remarkable feat, stating, “I have registered the most number of records in the push-ups category with 30 records. Similarly, I have recorded the most Guinness Records in the fitness category.”

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