Trump Honors 10-Year-Old Pakistani-American Girl As Corona Crisis Hero

pakistani girl laila khan

US President Donal Trump and Melania Trump paid tribute to several American heroes who are helping the front lines of the coronavirus crisis. Among those heroes, one was a 10-year-old Pakistani girl Laila Khan. Laila, a girl Scouts from Maryland donated 100 boxes of cookies to nurses and firefighters.

Laila, Lauren Matney, and Sravya Annappareddy, all 10 years old, donated 100 boxes of Girl Scout cookies to local doctors, nurses, and firefighters. They also wrote 200 personalized cards for health care workers.

“We are honored that our troop was invited to be here today. We know that we are just part of the millions of other children out there that are doing amazing things to support their communities, their friends, and their families,” Laila said. “It is a privilege to be here representing all of them”.

On the occasion, Trump said, “The men and women we honor today remind us that the bonds that unite us in times of hardship can also raise us to new heights as we reopen and recover and rebuild”.

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Pakistani-Americans are making the nation proud

Moreover, time and again Pakistani-Americans makes the nation proud with their accomplishments or their work for humanity.

Recently, few Pakistani-Americans created an NGO ‘Paani’ dedicated to fix Pakistan’s water crisis. ‘Paani’ is now a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit based in the United States founded by 5 students [Omar Ilyas, Sikander Khan, Nauman Khan, Arhum Arshad, and Faraz Longi]. By the Summer of 2020, Paani will be funded and constructed over 400 wells [both deep water and handpumps] in areas around Sindh and KPK, serving roughly 40,000 people.


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