Pakistani Actors Are Supporting Firdous Jamal After Momina Duraid Banned Him From MD Productions!

The entertainment industry of Pakistan is truly entertaining the masses these days. Its a season of film releases but the ‘personal dramas’ of various personalities associated with the industry are not looking toward an end. It looks like the exposing phase was not enough to hook people to the scenario as now, a banning fiasco has started between the on-screen and off-screen television fraternity.

Firdous Jamal canceled from MD Productions!

Last month, the veteran artist of the industry Firdous Jamal was invited on Faysal Qureshi’s morning show along with some other guests. While being engaged in a segment where the guests were shown pictures of different Pakistani actors, Firdous Jamal had nothing good to say about the star Mahira Khan and it started a debate on social media. The majority seemed to be in favor of the actor’s comments while some labeled them ‘sexist’ and ‘misogynist.’

Well, after some time of heated arguments over the internet, the mater was cooling down but recent news fired it up again. Owner of Hum TV and MD productions, Momina Duraid recently showed her support for Mahira Khan and further, she banned Firdous Jamal from all future projects made under Hum TV and MD productions.

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Here’s what Momina Duraid has to say on the matter!


As the statement from Momina Duraid came out, a roar of opinions started on social platforms and #SupportFirdousJamal started trending on Twitter. Several celebrities also pooled in and showed the utmost support for the iconic Firdous Jamal. Shaan Shahid, Feroze Khan and the extremely talented veteran Jamal Shah posted their favorable opinions for the actor.

Feroze Khan provoked Momina Duraid to cancel him too!

Megastar Shaan also tweeted with #Letsbringourprideback!

Legendary Jamal Shah tweeted a sane solution to the matter!

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It is believed that after Momina Duraid’s post faced sheer criticism and hatred, she deleted it. In the midst of such uproar on the matter, neither Firdous Jamal has released any statement nor Mahira Khan has said anything till now. Currently, the tables seem to be turned in Firdous Jamal’s favor and Pakistanis are hoping that the issue will be solved with maturity and sanity soon.

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