On This Day: Pakistan Won The 1992 Cricket World Cup

On This Day: Pakistan Won The 1992 Cricket World Cup

After 38 matches and 32 days, it all came down to this. England and Pakistan were in the 1992 World Cup final, in front of a crowd of some 90,000 people. Imran Khan, who is now the Prime Minister of Pakistan, led the team and lifted the crystal-globe trophy on this day.

Pakistanis know the importance of this day when Pakistan became the first-time champion of the cricketing world. Graham Gooch and Imran Khan, two of the most senior statesmen in the cricket world fought for the trophy and what a battle it was.

Pakistan 1992 world cup

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For the first time in history, Pakistan became world champions after beating England.

The then Pakistan cricket team had a rollercoaster ride before reaching the finals and finally making the history. Javed Miandad remained the pillar of the team, with four half-centuries in the tournament and just one score below 30. On the other hand, Khan’s dedication and motivation made the team victorious.

Furthermore, Wasim Akram’s iconic swing and Aamir Sohail’s batting also sealed the fate of England.

If the 1992 World Cup taught Pakistanis anything it was that miracles do happen, prayers do pay off and belief does move mountains.

Khan once even said that he continually believed the team would win the 1992 World Cup. He still claims that he was sure of it. Some called Khan delusional, others thought he had completely lost the plot. It was all understandable when you consider how Pakistan had reached the semi-final back then.

pakistan world cup 1992

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It was also the holy month of Ramazan in Pakistan when the team lifted the trophy grinning from ear-to-ear.

Khan wore a T-shirt saying ‘cornered tiger’ in the finals. The slogan summed up Pakistan’s innings very well. Pakistan managed to reach a competitive total of 249 runs set by the Englishmen. There were many epic moments during the 1992 world cup when the team went on the ground till kissed the soil in their hour of triumph. The nation now awaits when the team repeats the history.


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