Pakistan Just Pulled Off a Stunning Victory over India and the Whole World Is Talking About It!

YES, GUYS! WE DID IT! Team Pakistan just pulled a stunner and we can’t really believe it. The team that lost against one of the finalists India in the opening game was never expected to even reach so far and actually win the tournament. Our young lads and the captaincy of Sarfaraz Ahmed really worked well in giving the entire nation an epic celebration!

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Talk about any India-Pakistan match, it’s a nervous ride swamping of emotions, stress, frustration and a passion beating in the hearts of millions. Team Pakistan just won against India and in a final. A coveted trophy comes home and we not only have the victory to cherish upon but also the commendable performances by each and every player this afternoon in London. The world is cherishing this team’s victory and we simply cannot be happier!

The world congratulated team Pakistan and we are super proud!


The entire nation has this amazing victory to celebrate. It shall be reflected upon for days. We needed this kind of happiness. As fans, we have longed for our such a triumph for our team. Our bowlers, batsmen absolutely delivered a top-notch performance. We absolutely aced every department, broke all the odds and now the trophy that was missing from our cabinet for so long, shall come home. Mickey Arthur and the entire management should be credited.

Special mention about Fakhar Zaman, Hassan Ali and Mohammad Amir for their magnificent performances. It’s unforgettable and we simply made some fond memories from this amazing game. Thanks to Sarfaraz and each person who conspired to our team’s victory.

Congratulations, Pakistan! #PakistanZindabad

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