Pakistan Will Be Hosting The 2020 Circle Kabaddi World Cup

Pakistan Will Be Hosting The 2020 Circle Kabaddi World Cup

Kabaddi is now enlisted among all the other international sports that are coming to Pakistan in 2020. And not just any international match, but the 2020 circle style Kabaddi World Cup.

The plan for the tournament has been laid and Pakistan is all set to host the World Cup in Lahore, Faisalabad, Nankana Sahib, and Kartarpur. The dates for the tournament are announced as January 12-18.

Sports are always an effective way to propose goodwill. And Kabaddi is the most loved sport on both sides of the border. So, this tournament is being organized on the occasion of the Kartarpur corridor opening, as per the Pakistan Kabaddi Federation’s (PKF) statement.

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Previously the host for all six circle style World Cups has remained India. Hence, this is the first time the World Cup is being played outside India.  The last one, however, was played back in 2016.

Since, Kabaddi is also one of the favorite games of the Sikh community, like Pakistanis, it is going to play a bridging role in the relationship between the nations.

The details of the tournament were announced in a news conference held by Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain Pakistan Kabaddi Federation Chief.

Annual Meeting Of PKF Approved Kabaddi World Cup

Pakistan Kabaddi Federation had taken this decision in its annual meeting which was held in October under President Ch Shafay Hussain’s chairmanship. In this meeting, PKF’s annual performance report was presented alongside the accordance for the approval of the upcoming tournament. Furthermore, a new annual budget was announced at the meeting for the Junior World Kabaddi Tournament.

Representatives from all four provinces attended the meeting including the Pakistan Army,  Navy, Air Force, Railway, WAPDA, and Higher Education Commission.

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The president of the federation also mentioned that it is important to promote this local game to the maximum extent. So Pakistan is promoting Kabaddi in different parts of Europe

Also, since the so-called fake body is implying a negative impact on the players, legal proceedings are being carried out against it. Soon a ban will be imposed on it by the government.

Moreover, women’s teams of Pakistan and Azerbaijan will also play an exhibition feature.

The 10 participant teams as stated by the Pakistan Kabaddi Federation include India, England, Australia,  Iran, Kenya, and Canada. These teams will be playing the tournament in Pakistan along with three others. While the winning prize for the game is going to be Rs10 million. And Rs7.5 million will be given to the runner-up.

Sources have also confirmed that invites to the teams for the tournament had been sent a few weeks ago.

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