Pakistan vs India On Twitter – Who Won The Online Battle?

Whenever there is a Pakistan vs India battle on the cricket field, simultaneously, there’s always another battle happening between the two countries on Twitter! With the T20 Asia Cup in swing from Today, another big game has come up!

Here’s Twitter India’s take on the match today

1. When an Indian was so overconfident about the win he started trash talking before the game

2. When one user explained what the perks of being single was whilst watching cricket

3. When somebody mocks Afridi for what every Pakistani mocks him for 

4. When somebody actually scared every Pakistani who read this tweet, including you, surely

5. When somebody actually predicted the closing ceremony – you somehow think this is how we might end up..

6. When twisted memes were made to take the game away from Pakistan, wrongly.. 

Tweets Pakistan’s take on India vs Pakistan cricket match

1. When the Afridiots always overplay Afridi and he ends up disappointing 

2. And more of that..

3. If you remember this kid, well, you must remember which team won that day 😉

4. When two legends of the game actually must have thought that at least once

5. When the game was pretty much won! 

So, who won the Twitter battle? Pakistan or India?

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