Real Or Publicity Stunt?-Pakistan Won’t Air Their Series Against England

For all the cricket fans out there, especially in Pakistan get ready for the mega-series where Pakistan will be facing England in three ODI series and few T20 matches.

It’s going to be big because in few months T20 World Cup is up ahead and the Pakistan cricket team needs to check their limited-overs player’s performance abroad.

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But on the other hand, there’s a big issue came and that’s something our government trying to deal with it. Pakistan vs England Series won’t be broadcasted by the Pakistani media as the Indian media holds the right according to Article 370.

For many of the fans out there, won’t understand why is this happening? Such a thing never happened before and what’s the reason behind it?

These and many other questions will be answered here. As we dig deep to know the root of these rights, article thing and what our government higher officials said on such issue.

Why India Has the Rights? – Pakistan Won’t Broadcast the Series

As soon the news came out, Pakistani media, government, Pakistan Cricket Board, and even fans also gave their immediate reaction.

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It all happened because the broadcasting rights of the series for South Africa are with the popular channel of India Sony Pictures Network India (SPN) and Pakistan denied buying any rights from them.

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The cabinet also decided that Pakistan Television (PTV) won’t be signing any rights with Indian broadcasters. The official statement came from the Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Fawad Chaudhry.

“The cabinet has rejected the request of PTV to sign an agreement with Sony and Star India to air the England-Pakistan cricket series,”

“Sony and Star have a monopoly over all the cricket content of South Asia and the entire rights are with the Indian companies. We cannot sign an agreement with any Indian company and so the series will not be aired in Pakistan.”

Further, he added, “Our ties with India cannot be normalized until those actions are withdrawn.”

The moment Fawad Chaudhry released the statement, cricket fans got furious over this decision and said the worst decision ever made by the Government.

Why Can’t Pakistan Have the Rights?

It’s true as per the articles Pakistan doesn’t have the rights to broadcast the series and for that, they need to buy the rights from India. But PCB and our government least interested in this deal.

One of the tweets opened most of the fans’ eyes and revealed another picture of it.

As everyone knows PSL 6 resumed and many of the Indian media broadcasters have been called on board too. So, for PSL PCB and the government can call Indian broadcasters then why not just buy the rights for the series?

Now it does look like a publicity stunt and involving the Kashmir issue with the beautiful game won’t be an appropriate platform to raise such an issue.

There might be chances the next T20 World Cup hosted by India and then what our government will do? Such Actions will surely affect in future and harm the sport too.

Pakistan Cricket Board and the government should rethink their decision. Because it’s a big step, think about cricket fans out there. Believe it or not, if they won’t reverse their decision it will surely affect the upcoming series and tournaments.

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