Pakistan Ulema Council Announces Support For Construction Of Hindu Temple In Islamabad

Pakistan Ulema Hindu Temple

Recently, the entire nation was brought to a debate where one part of it was in favor of a Hindu Temple which was decided to be built in Islamabad and the other was not. However, the minute the Hindu Temple’s construction began, it was immediately brought to a halt amid religious friction.

This led to an ongoing banter on social media, where the nation divided itself into two groups one supporting the cause; and the other negating it. In addition to that, many posts also went viral where the people shared their views about the situation.

Pakistan Ulema Council favors the Hindu community

Therefore, the most inspiring twist in the story was when the Pakistan Ulema Council stated that the Hindu community be given the right to build the temple at the said place. It is truly a piece of good news to see how the minorities will finally be given a place to worship and perform their rituals openly.

It is important to understand that every Pakistani regardless of their cast, culture, sect, and religion be given the right they truly deserve. The Pakistan Ulema Council states that “Life as per their faith and place of worship is a right given to all non-Muslims in the Constitution.”

This is amazing because isn’t that what the true meaning of Pakistan’s existence is?

Above all, the history of this sovereign nation is entirely built on allowing all Muslims to live in prosperity with other minor nations under the umbrella of unity faith, and discipline. The discriminatory and sectarian violence is dividing us into a thousand of many groups every day. It is important for us to understand that we ourselves must unite together.

Twitterati celebrates the decision

The news of Pakistan Ulema Council is spreading like wildfire on Twitter. It is great to see all the people getting joyous and happy for one community of Pakistan. Many are applauding the news by referring this decision as to the true image of Pakistan and that finally, the nation is prospering.

Many think this is a good idea because it is showing how Pakistan is a peaceful country and will not let any kind of injustice among religion prevail.

Although many might call and say a lot of things, Pakistan has always been a land for people to live in with harmony.

However, with every good there is evil. While many are supporting the cause and congratulating the approval; there are some who think this is just a publicity stunt.

Regardless, of the fact that that it is a publicity stunt or not; many people still think that this is wrong.


Prime Minister Imran Khan himself is in favor of building the Hindu Temple; because he believes that unity doesn’t differentiate between religion.

All in all, we are glad that Pakistan is a beautiful country that is standing for its religious minorities. Let’s just hope that we don’t get to face too much racial violence or aggression in response as was seen in the Asiya Bibi case.

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