Pakistan Thrashed India in Gothia Cup, China and It Is Something We Need to Talk About!

Finding out that our countrymen thrashed the Indians in football were an honorable news to hear, especially in a sport which is not giving much importance to Pakistan. However, it was indeed disappointing to hear how none of the media outlets in our country were talking about this news. Hence, it wasn’t brought much to the attention of the locals.

Moving on to the big news – Pakistan beat India by the score of 12-0 in Chinese football cup called Gothia Cup. IFA – Islamabad Football Association beat RSSA – Rising Sun Soccer Academy by the score of 12-0 in the under-18 tournament.

The Pakistani boys made the match one-sided by leading the first half of the game with the score of 7-0. Hassam Khan scored four goals, whereas, Sheryar Khan scored three, Ali Imam scored twice and Naufil Hussain, Ahtisham, and Abdullah Shah managed to score one each.

The representing team of Pakistan, IFA has to play a total of six matches in the group stage. They have played four matches, out of which they won three matches and one got through a walkover. They have beat the team of China, Ethiopia, and Bangladesh. Today they will play another match against Chinese Ardos Football Club!

Sadly though, quite a few people have been talking about this achievement since this wasn’t brought to the attention of locals by the media.

It is indeed a great news to see how our boys are bringing pride to the name of their country in China by leading the tournament stages so far. We wish the Islamabad Football Association players all the best of luck and hope they bring the cup back home.

May He guide you to success through all your hard work!

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