Pakistan; The Most Resilient Nation Awaiting Its Overdue Rise

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It’s been almost 70 years since the creation of this great land, and we are as yet contending truly energetically to get into a steady position, where the fundamental necessities would be in compass of everybody.

Approximately 80,000 innocent countrymen have been killed in the process of eradicating the terror elements, but, we still haven’t found the way out.


Economy has been bearing an immeasurable loss over the years with no prominent future planning. Our children are dying due to hunger, and we are heading to the state where we can possibly see chaos over water.


Is this what we want? No, we are an extremely skilled and serene country, with colossal good and social qualities and we have constantly performed really great in everything, even after all the wreckage.

Are we waiting for a savior to come with a magic stick & fix every problem in a blink of an eye? 80% of our elders have always been the part of systematic corruption in our country (Muaazrat k saath), from minimizing the utility bills to purchase the dream job for son, they have never let merit & genuineness flourish inside of the nation and still grumble about the defilement ironically.


Whenever I get to see an image of a foreign country on internet, suddenly a wish emerges, to have that very sight here in this very country, but then my brain drags me out of the fantasy and reminds me of my fellow countrymen, who love to spit around the pan and I certainly start believing it as a sin to even imagine about a developed Pakistan where no one would be allowed to spit on road sides, obviously it will be a troublesome ask for my human siblings.


Karachi has turned out to be better in the recent couple of months, crime rate has dragged down by the law enforcement agencies. Karachi is getting back it’s hues & lights and life is getting better step by step, but till when? It is an incongruity for this country that Rangers is on streets, controlling security matters. But, till when?


Today or tomorrow, we have to say good bye to the forces and welcome back the political leadership, but then again a question arises; What’s the guarantee that conditions will not get worse again when we all know the possible reaction of all the political forces which are under accountability according to the National Action Plan.

This is the ideal opportunity for the young to ponder the fate of this nation. It is our time, we have to stand firm against the tremendous degenerate arrangement of this nation, and it will all begin from the roots. Don’t violate traffic laws, don’t appreciate bribery, eradicate lies, know your rights and stand firm for them, etc etc. If i continue including the focuses in this rundown, they will never end.


We have always been taught an idiom in schools; Charity begins from the home, but we have never practiced this thought provoking statement. Khan Sahab might be a great leader but he still hasn’t got the formula to educate the aggressive population of this country in 90 days.

To wind up a created country, we all need to cooperate, and to cooperate, most importantly we have to endure one another, paying little heed to Race, Ethnicity, Caste, Religion & Geography. The day we will stop yelling Shia Kafir, Dyobandi Dehshatgard, Sindhi Lutera, Muhajir Bhooka Nanga, Baloch Ghaddar & Patthan Zalim, will be the day when nobody on the planet will have the audacity to destabilize our beloved motherland.

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This has to be done now. Now or never. Because I believe we will lose the right to live freely, if the blood of our beloved APS martyrs gets squandered.


Pakistan Zindabad!!!


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