Pakistan Supports Brotherly Nation Azerbaijan After Armenia’s Border Violations & Attacks

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Pakistan said it was profoundly concerned about the recent escalations in the Nagorno-Karabakh region. Recently, Armenian forces’ shotshells on the civilian population of Azerbaijan.

The Armenian army has struck the villages of Terter, Aghdam, Fizuli, and Jabrayil region. Pakistan views it objectionable and most damaging, as per the statement of the Foreign Office. 

“This could compromise the peace and security of the entire region. Armenia must stop its military action to avoid further escalation,” read the statement.

“Pakistan stands with the brotherly nation of Azerbaijan and supports its right of self-defense,” the FO statement stated.

“We support Azerbaijan’s position on Nagorno-Karabakh, which is in line with the several unanimously adopted UN Security Council resolutions, the statement added.

At least 23 dead in the clashes

Armenia and Azerbaijan are arch-foes. They are accusing each other of starting violent clashes that took at least 23 lives. Furthermore, the clashes erupted due to the decades-long regional dispute. Moreover, this clash could bring regional powers Tukey and Russia into the limelight. 

The worst conflicts since 2016 have boosted the spirit of a new war between arch-rivals Azerbaijan and Armenia. The countries are in the clash over the dispute of Nagorny Karabakh region. 

As per rebels officials, around 16 Armenian separatist fighters were killed and more than 100 wounded in the clashes.  

Furthermore, the casualties are reported on both sides. 1 Armeninam child and a woman also lost lives in the deadly strikes. Besides, as per Baku, a family of 5 lost their lives in the shelling. 

Pakistanis on social media are supporting Azerbaijan, the country of values, under the hashtag of #AzerbaijanIsNotAlone

In conclusion, Pakistan supports Azarbaijan and does not recognize Armenia. Particularly, the genocide Armenia did in the Nagorno-Karabakh region and Pakistans cordial relations with Turkey are the reasons why Pakistan is supporting Azerbaijan. Besides, Pakistan itself fighting for the territorial dispute of Kashmir and genocide in Kashmir. Hence, Pakistan does not support any arbitrator in the world be it Armenia or Israel.

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