Pakistan Offering Scholarships To 3000 Afghan Students

pakistan offering scholarships

Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan, Special Advisor to Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting, has announced that the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan is awarding about 3000 scholarships to Afghan students in Pakistan and their hometown (Afghanistan).  Pakistan offering scholarships again shows the hospitality of the country.



pakistan offering scholarships

Source: Daily Times

This is an impressive achievement considering that Afghans live in a war-ridden country and education can be difficult to pursue. Moreover, this opportunity can help bring Pakistan and Afghanistan closer while diluting the poor relations between the two countries.

The scholarships are awarded for a four-year programme and Firdous has talked regarding the details of the programme and scholarships. She said, “These scholarships will be offered in phases and every year students of different categories will be the beneficiaries (of these scholarships),” further adds in, “This year around 795 Afghan students would come to Pakistan for studies and benefit under this programme. These scholarships are a gift from Prime Minister of Pakistan, the government of Pakistan and the HEC,”

Many of the talented and capable Afghan students would be able to avail this opportunity and pursue their dreams. In addition, they barely get to display their hard work due to poverty as well. Therefore, such golden chances are extremely significant. Even though, this might seem like a normal scholarship but taking into account the struggle these students go through for such occasions, this is a great feat.

To give extra details, she said, “Pakistan is going to host these students. Under the scholarship programme, 500 students would be given admission in different medical colleges every year, while around 100 students would get admission in dental colleges”

She further mentions that the students are also offered to study PhD and MS programmes in Pakistan. Moreover, about 600 students are going to be enrolling in various engineering universities.



Afghan Refugees In Pakistan And Their Thoughts:

The Afghans living in Pakistan consider the country their home. Many of the refugees have been living in Pakistan for decades now. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Pakistan harbors more than 1.4 million Afghan refugees. Pakistan truly is among the top contenders for providing hostage to refugees. Some believe it is selfish to ask the Afghan refugees in Pakistan to go back to their homeland because they have become so accustomed here. If they leave then that would mean starting over again and that is difficult. Therefore, many of the refugees are trying to become Pakistani citizens so they can live in a country they have spent years in. Even Pakistani celebrities are giving attention to the refugee crisis.

pakistan offering scholarships

Source: UNHCR

Nevertheless, these scholarships can be assisting for a lot of financially struggling Afghan students that just want to pursue a degree. Keeping various political tensions aside, it is always for the better to help humanity first. Pakistan is the largest refugee host because that it looks into the people first. That is something many of the Pakistani citizens should follow as well.



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