Pakistan Requests Aid From World Bank To Fight Coronavirus!

pakistan coronavirus world bank

With the threat of getting completely bankrupt, Pakistan seeks out to the world bank for aid in its fight against the novel Coronavirus. Up until now, the World Bank has established a fund of $12 billion, which is solely for the purpose of pledging aid to those countries, severely affected by the COVID-19.

pakistan coronavirus world bank

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Pretext Behind Pakistan’s Request Of Aid From The World Bank!

Ever since the novel Coronavirus has been sustaining its move in sweeping everyone in its path. Pakistan fears for its yet-to-come future. Undoubtedly, Pakistan is a country, facing a sufficiently mammoth deficit. It surely needs some aid to prevent its citizens, from falling in the hand of the virus.

Nonetheless, the financial managers of the country have been in conversations with the World Bank. A spokesperson from the finance ministry claimed that nothing of sorts has been finalized yet. Speaking of which, previously, the World Bank had provided $787 Million to Pakistan for development projects.

Keeping in light, the global pandemic, a senior official from the health ministry said: “Pakistan must devote all its resources and efforts in containing the virus outside the borders. Moreover, it must isolate cases within its territory when discovered.”

Moreover, as of now, the country must work on the urgent containment of the virus. In this way, this will buy the citizens time to be more aware and feel the importance of precautionary steps, until the vaccine arrives.

Furthermore, the official added: “Yet even if Pakistan could not copy China, its experience holds three important lessons. Such as, to talk to the public, to slow the transmission of disease, and to prepare health systems for a spike in demand.

pakistan coronavirus world bank

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The Financial Package From World Bank!

With the world bank proposing its financial package, the basic agenda of it is to help strengthen the status of countries. Precisely, strengthening in here means improvement of health systems and access to better medical services. Consequently, this will aid the people of the respective country to safeguard themselves from the epidemic.

Subsequently, with the citizens improving, the country will also work to reduce the impact on economies, alongside public sectors.

Departments of IDA, IBRD, and IFC  will be drawing the funds alongside the World Bank. Nevertheless, the $12 billion financial packages, will ensure the availability of the initial resources required during such times of crisis.

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