Pakistan Rejects Israel: Islamabad Says Its Position On Palestine Is ‘Clear’

Pakistan Israel

Foreign Office Spokesperson Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri has said that recognition of Israel is not under consideration. Chaudhri was addressing a weekly news briefing in Islamabad today. He reiterated that there was no change in Pakistan`s principled position on the issue.

He said Prime Minister Imran Khan has made it clear that unless a just settlement of the Palestine issue, satisfactory to the Palestinian people, is found, Pakistan cannot recognize Israel.

Indian terrorism in Pakistan

Pakistan has recently presented a dossier on India’s sponsorship of terrorism. FO spokesperson called upon the UN counter-terrorism bodies to proceed on the basis of evidence provided by Pakistan. He urged India to renounce the use of terrorism as an instrument of state policy.

He said the UN should urge India to dismantle the infrastructure it has established to inflict terrorism on Pakistan. India must stop the use of other countries’ soil for its terrorist activities directed against Pakistan.

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Pakistan looks forward to working with Biden

FO said Pakistan looks forward to working with the US new administration to further strengthen bilateral ties. Chaudhri said Pakistan will continue partnership to achieve peace, stability, and prosperity in the region. He said Pakistan would also welcome the resumption of structural dialogue with the United States.

Chaudhri expressed the hope that the US administration will take notice of the grave human rights violations in Kashmir. He said the international community will force India to ensure implementation of UN Resolutions to resolve the longstanding issue.

Pakistan on CPEC

Chaudhri said CPEC is a transformational project and is positively contributing to Pakistan’s economy, national development, and regional growth.

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He said PM and Chinese President Xi Jinping, in their meetings, reached a consensus on further promoting the project. They agreed to expand CPEC as a High-Quality Demonstration Project of the Belt and Road Initiative. Chaudhri said we are in consultations with China on further expanding CPEC and making it a centerpiece for regional connectivity and prosperity.

He said post-COVID 19 world, CPEC and BRI would become a hub for regional growth and trade. Chaudhri said we welcome third countries to invest in CPEC’s Special Economic Zones.

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