Pakistan Owes A Debt Of Gratitude To Front Line Doctors Fighting Covid19

pakistan doctors

The coronavirus nationwide tally continues to inflate drastically. With that, doctors and paramedics in Pakistan are on board with the rising number of victims, continuously placing their lives at risk in various isolation units and wards. For their exalting services, they surely deserve a huge chunk of eulogium.

With the war waging, on a daily basis, the point worth pondering is that not all of them have excess to the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like specialized uniforms, masks, and other protective equipment. Above all, with all the obstructions lying in front, they still stand headstrong, leaving all their families behind and serving the ones infected.

pakistan doctors

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Hats Off To Our Pakistani Doctors! 

Working in shifts of more than 10 hours, constantly wearing the same COVID-19 masks for hours, and not wearing having any time to eat or drink anything. The doctors in Pakistan are being pushed to their limits, and surprisingly, they are hell-bent on yielding their best.

Nevertheless,  the meagreness of PPE has certainly embossed a question regarding the health of medical doctors and working staff, alongside.

With the lack of necessary equipment available for all, the particular situation of isolation wards is certainly not ideal for the medical staff present. Sometimes, the anxiety and emotional toll also play its part. Doctors working in 8-10 hours shifts feel ineffective and somehow disconnected from their inner-selves. Subsequently, this can pose a threat to their healths.

Recently, Dr. Usama Riaz, a doctor hailing from Gilgit-Baltistan, passed away on a ventilator. The practicing doctor was functioning amongst the staff responsible for screening the coronavirus patients. It is when Dr. Usama Riaz came in contact with the virus, which later initiated in deterioration of his health. The pride of Pakistan breathed his last on this Sunday night.

Following his death, the Pakistan Medical Association claims: “Dr. Usama Riaz is a national hero for his bravery against fighting Coronavirus.

pakistan doctors

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Unsung Heroes Of Pakistan!

Nevertheless, national statistics enumerate that apart from Dr. Usama, there have been many doctors over the course who have been subjugated in the wrath of this deadly COVID-19.

For starters, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), reports indicate that three doctors are under quarantine procedures after coming in contact with the patients. Only from Mardan, two consulting female physicians have been declared dead from the same deadly virus.

Speaking of Sindh, the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital encapsulates 10 medical officers, currently under isolation. Furthermore, in Islamabad, the authorities have placed a doctor in quarantine after the number of cases in the Federal Capital rose to two.

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