Pakistan’s Non-Muslim Volunteers Join Fight Against Coronavirus

pakistan non muslims

The incessant Coronavirus pandemic sustains its move, infecting everyone in its path. With the lockdown at hand, the poverty-stricken are now dependent on the privileged to provide them with ration and food. Joining the fight against Coronavirus and helping out the poor, 15 non-Muslim volunteers have joined hands to conduct ration drives in the eastern district of Karachi, Pakistan.

Nearly a month has passed since the provincial government had locked down Karachi to prevent the deadly virus from waging a catastrophe. With routine work and offices closed, people working on a daily basis are suffering from a lack of finances. Subsequently, this has resulted in people begging for food and money to survive this period of crisis.

Owing to this, the Coronavirus has infected more than 4,000 people, moreover, causing 58 unfortunate deaths in Pakistan.

pakistan non muslims

Image: Anadolu Agency

Helping the poor, indiscriminately

Suniel Harshi, one of the Hindu volunteers asserted: “I come here every day at noon to attend this meeting to chalk out the plan for the day. One day we collect and pack relief goods donated by philanthropists and distribute them on the next day.” Besides, Al-Khidmat and other local organizations helping the needy, he and his compatriots are handling distributions in two of the eastern district slums.

Apart from Harshi, there is another hero belonging to the Christian Community of Pakistan. The 22-year-old Adnan Sadiq is responsible for distributing edibles as a charity. He claimed that it was his Muslim friends, who brought him into conducting these ration drives.

Commending the cause, he proclaims: “I am proud to be part of this relief campaign. In this way, I am contributing something to society, and my own community as well.”

Nonetheless, this team also includes a human rights activist named, Seema Maheshwari. She says: “We are distributing rations among needy Hindus, Christians, and even Muslims. It’s not about religion, race or community. It’s all about humanity.”

pakistan non muslims

Image: Anadolu Agency

Concocting harmony in society

Leaving all community polarities aside, the Sikh community has also stood up to bestow relief to those, suffering from the economic collapse. The Pakistan Sikh Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee has provided isolation cells for people suspected of Coronavirus.

Moreover, gurdwaras of Peshawar and Karachi have been stocked up with ration and cooked food, ready for distribution to people of any caste or religion.



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