Abortions In Pakistan – Is It A Choice Or Is It Absolutely Necessary?

One would think that the growing liberalism in Pakistan is pretty much for the better, at least, the ones who’ve been affected by westernization would say so. Our society is built around conventions that have been around for decades – also coming across as part of our religion.

However, murdering of the fetus – abortion, is one of the most sinister taboos of our society…

In a country like Pakistan, where abortion is considered to be the one of the most perplexing of all difficulties a couple or an individual faces, almost 900,000 cases of premature-murders are reported annually. While 50 out of 1000 women resort for abortion between the ages of 16-50. 

Even though the fetus at first has no eyes, nose, proper features or other such developments to its creation – what it does have is life – which nobody, once allotted from the Almighty, should have the right to take away. Indeed, abortion has become of the most sinister taboos of the present age, even in the West.

There are two schools of thoughts when it comes to abortions, either you’re pro-abortion or you’re extremely against it. Who is right, who is not – is not the matter of discussion. What matters is that in either case, a life has to be sacrificed. Either of the mother’s or the baby’s itself. If the child is conceived through illegitimate means, which is without marriage, also the most prominent reason, the mother sacrifices the child. But, if she decided to keep the child, in a society as judgmental as ours, she sacrifices her life and the honor of her family.

Source: redenock.com

Source: redenock.com

Abortion procedures vary, from a direct operation, where the baby is removed piece by piece, to abortion through medicine and pills, which kill the fetus directly. Either way, it’s an atrocity that can be prevented through a few means altogether.

It is usually the spur or heat of the moment that leads to unprotected sex, resulting in pregnancy which ends up with the premature murder of a fetus. On the other hand, some women are forced to abort their babies as they, in consent with their husbands, cannot afford ‘another child’ in the family, financially. It is pertinent to add here that no matter what the cause is, the result is always a life taken.

An unjust act that our religion, Islam, has labeled as haram, and goes against the very face of nature.

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