Here’s What Pakistan Navy Has to Say on the Harassment Allegations Against Sadat Bashir!

These past few days have been alarming for the Pakistan parents and students. With the help of one courageous individual, Pakistan is finally able to see the side of the society that has been silent for years. One student of Bahria College came forward and talked about being sexually harassed by the biology invigilator of the school, Sadat Bashir.

According to the first testimony, Sadat Bashir is responsible for harassing around 80 girls of the Bahria College.

With One Girl, Others Started Sharing their Stories Regarding Sadat Bashir As Well

With the Help of Social Media’s #PunishSadatBashir, Pakistani Celebrities Raised their Voices As Well

The Matter Was Also Raised in National Assembly As Well

MNA Shaza Fatima talked about Sadat Bashir and Bahria College in the address she made in the national assembly. This was indeed a proud moment for all those who stood tall and kept using the power of social media to shed light on the vile matter.

With media shedding light and playing their role, the authorities are being questioned as well. While the public is demanding answers from Bahria College and Examination as well, Pakistan Navy played their role and issued a statement as a national institute.

On 30th May, Pakistan Navy Made the Following Statement on their Facebook Page!

With regards to various information appearing on Facebook; Bahria College Islamabad regrets the unfortunate incident where an EXTERNAL EXAMINER, appointed by FBISE harassed the female students during their HSSC practical exams. The college administration has taken serious note of the incident and has lodged a complaint to FBISE and Ministry of Education against Mr Sadat Bashir Biology Practical Examiner. In addition, the incident is being investigated to avoid such incidents in future. It will be ensured that the justice is done to the aggrieved and culprit gets deserving punishment for his indecent acts.

It is great to see our institutes understand what it takes to be vocal about the events happening in our society. Sadat Bashir needs to be held on trial so we can set an example against the alleged allegations.

Kudos to Pakistan Navy for setting up an example. Hope more will follow!

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