Pakistan Will Now Hunt COVID-19 Patients Using A ‘Militant Tracking System’

Pakistan Militant Tracking Technology COVID-19

With the outbreak of coronavirus by the end of last year, Pakistan, along with other countries adapted precautionary measures. Later, with the drastic increase in cases, initially, strict lockdown and eventually, a smart lockdown was imposed.

After the ‘global health emergency’ took over the whole wide world, several countries began manufacturing disinfectants/vaccines. However, earlier, China’s clinical trials of the COVID-19 vaccine in Pakistan had upset the Indians. Still in search of a solution, now, Pakistan has deployed militant tracking technology to trace positive and suspected patients.

Govt seeks help from agencies to fight coronavirus

It is indeed a huge step in Pakistan’s coronavirus combat mission and can be a great help in keeping control of it. According to the reports, the government of Pakistan has recently come in contact with its well-reputed intelligence agency. Through Prime Minister Imran Khan’s program, the government has demanded assistance from the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

Pakistan Militant Tracking Technology COVID-19

Source: South Asian Voices

Apparently, the ISI is installing the secretive surveillance technology to identify COVID-19 patients in the crowd. On the contrary, the deployed technology is normally used to locate militants who can be dangerous for society. As per the sources, two types of devices are being used in the project which is geofencing and phone monitoring systems. They are believed to be more impactful.

Explaining the sudden deployment

The intelligence services are even keeping track of the calls of identified coronavirus patients for better results. Speaking on the matter, an official stated, ”The trace-and-track system basically helps us track the mobile phones of corona patients as well as anyone they get in touch with before of after their disappearance.”

Pakistan Militant Tracking Technology COVID-19

Source: Gulf News

Moving on, another senior official from the agency called the government ‘successful’ in the fight against the deadly coronavirus. ”The government has been successful in tracing even those who tested positive but went into hiding”, he added. Apparently, lack of awareness and the tense situation stopped several people with symptoms to test for coronavirus. Because of the same reason, some even escaped from hospitals in the middle fo the treatment.

Analyzing the great work, PM Imran Khan also appreciated the initiated program to eradicate the COVID-19 disease. On the used hi-tech devices, the senior official shared, ”It was originally used against terrorism. But now it is has come in use against coronavirus.” Well, regarding the matter, earlier, the US had even started testing of coronavirus vaccine on humans.

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