Pakistan Might Be On The Verge Of Another Military Coup (Martial Law)

The latest news that has just surfaced has sparked ambiguity among the political debaters and journalists from all over the country. Pakistan’s Chief Executive, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is on his way to London again.



The recent failed coup episode in Turkey has left a question in the minds of many, that if there was to be a coup de’etat (military takeover) in Pakistan, would they be supporting a limping democracy or a support the concept of dictatorship under the most celebrated person in the history of Pakistan military, General Raheel Sharif.

 In the last decade, the mainland of Pakistan has sacrificed many thousand peoples at the behest of unparalleled terrorist and extremist agendas. Thousands of military personnel and civilians have lost their lives in the most bizarre forms, including the 141 in Peshawar’s Army Public School.

Yes, Pakistan is a democratic state. Yes, Pakistani people elect representatives to their own suffrage and adult franchise. Yes, Pakistanis then cry over these elected politicians for 5 years, but will Pakistanis be able to withstand that authoritarian dictatorship that comes along with a coup?



In recent weeks, a political organization named “Move On” had set up billboard posters in the most prominent cities of Pakistan calling for a military takeover by General Raheel Sharif. Later, the representatives of the organisation were arrested.  However, their undemocratic approach was not ridiculed by the masses. Instead, on social media, the support was higher than anyone could predict. Even Nostradamus’s prophesies would fail at noting such an apprehension.

When Erdogan’s government was challenged by undemocratic agendas, by the Ex-Airforce Chief Ozturk and accused Fathullah  Gulen, the people of Turkey stepped up, on the streets of Istanbul and saved democracy. The common man came out of his house and stood in front of the military, laid under the war-borne-tanks. If Pakistan was to face a similar situation, it would be absolute bigotry to think that the people of Pakistan would produce a response even slightly comparable to the Turkey situation.

Instead, one can be pretty sure the masses would accept the coup with arms wide open. If history has taught us one thing, it is that a military takeover (Martial Law) has never helped any state, especially Pakistan. Every time the military has taken over the country’s internal affairs, the economy has sunk, foreign investment has withered and most of all, the hypocritical face of many amasses has been unveiled.

The same people who call for such military coups are then ones lamented and exhausting themselves on democratic demands. Zia, Ayub and Musharaf have altogether provided Pakistani military a platform that could dissolve the legislature at any moment, by the book or not. Living in a democratic society is better than living in one where at any moment, the dictator can have you stripped on the road, ordering 46 whip-lashes on your naked body.

Once again, the democratic fond masses of Pakistan are praying that Nawaz Sharif’s latest operation is actually an operation and he does come back to the Capital city and doesn’t delay his return. The tired minds and bodies of Pakistanis cannot handle another Zia.

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