Good News For All Diabetics! Pakistan Is Now Producing Sugar-Free Mangoes For You

sugar free mango pakistan

With sugar levels of 4 to 6 percent, a Pakistani expert has introduced three varieties of sugar-free mangoes for diabetics at a private farm in Sindh’s Tando Allahyar.

You can find these in local markets by the names of Sonaro, Glenn, and Keitt. Sugar-free mangoes have ended the concerns of people with diabetes, since most of the calories in them come from sugar. M H Panhwar Farms developed these products after five years of research and scientific modification.

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Ghulam Sarwar, Panhwar’s nephew, and mango expert told ARY News that Panhwar was best known for his research articles and manuals on organic farming. “The Government of Pakistan had conferred Sitara-e-Imtiaz on Mr. Panhwar for his research related to fruits including mangoes and bananas. After his death, I continued his work and carried out modification after importing different genres of mangoes to test its growth in this atmosphere and soil.”

“This project is being run on a personal basis and we are not taking any assistance from the government departments. I just want to introduce these varieties on the national and international levels. We think about national interests but not for gaining profits for us.”

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“There are 44 mango qualitative varieties are available on our 300-acre farm including late, mid, and early varieties.” He said that he focused his research on three areas: introducing new varieties, extending the shelf life of the mango fruit, and lowering the level of sugar for people with diabetes. “The purpose for these efforts is finding ways to increase the exports. The previous shelf life of mangoes was one week, while it is now increased up to two weeks.”

Sugar levels and prices

The major varieties including Sindhri and Chaunsa have 12 to 15 percent sugar. Three to four varieties were now available in his farms with only 4 to 5 percent sugar level. “Keitt variety has the lowest sugar level up to 4.7 percent while Sonaro and Glenn have sugar level up to 5.6 percent and 6 percent respectively,” he said. 

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According to him, diabetics can consume sugar up to 6 percent, however, no doctor would prescribe zero sugar levels, not even to diabetics.

Asked about the price, the expert said that sugar-free mangoes are affordable and available locally as well. The sugar-free mangoes cost around Rs150 per kilogram in Pakistani markets, the same as the normal varieties. Sarwar stated the sugar-free mangoes would be available for purchase in local markets once Sindhri and Chaunsa’s seasons were complete.

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Story Courtesy: ARY News

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