‘Made In Pakistan’ Ventilators Are Now Ready For Operational Usage

Pakistan made ventilators

The pandemic of coronavirus has done immense damage to the world. In fighting the pandemic, ventilators hold a key position. Unfortunately, Pakistan is one of the countries, which lacks the needy medical equipment. However, Pakistan has successfully launched its own ventilators.

The ventilators in Pakistan are ready to use. A company named, PakVent1 is making the ventilators. Moreover, this is a huge success, as Pakistan is one of the few countries that are making ventilators.

Besides, the saga of making the vents started after the pandemic. Pakistan swiftly made progress and made the usable medical equipment.

Fawad Chaudary is happy

Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry said that the newly made ventilators would be provided to the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA). He said, “Today, is the day of happiness, Pakistan is now in one of those countries that make ventilators.”

Furthermore, the minister said, “When the first Covid-19 case was recorded on February 26, we were not producing anything. Within a few months, we have become capable of producing our own equipment.”

The use of a ventilator

Primarily, a ventilator is used for those patients who are unable to breathe. Those who are suffering from lung failure, ventilators artificially help transports oxygen inside the body. As the coronavirus is mainly affecting the lungs and respiratory system, a ventilator is helping some of the patients to get back to life.

With the help of a mask of a helmet, air goes via a ventilator into the humans. Moreover, if the problem is more serious, some patients need a breathing tube known as the endotracheal tube which is inserted into the windpipe via nose or mouth. In a more difficult situation, a tube is inserted in one’s neck which is known as a tracheostomy.

To conclude, this is a major development. Pakistan successfully launched the ventilators after the results of the trials. The adroit engineers and crew deserve applause for this achievement. Presently, the death tally of the country stands at 4303. Hopefully, this will help in ending the COVID-19 crisis.


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