Opinion: Welcome To Pakistan – We Are Celebrating Independence Day But Do We Know What It Is?

pakistan independence day freedom

The winds changed direction as the final order was signed and Muslims under the leadership of Quaid-e-Muhammad Ali Jinnah walked towards their newly born home, Pakistan on 14th August 1947. However, forwarding to today, while many sleep safely in their homes the voice of blowing trumpet awakens them just as a shower of fireworks lit the night sky because ‘oh it’s independence day!’ The question is, is that really how the day of independence should be celebrated? Perhaps, its time to reflect on that!

Is Pakistan a ‘free state’?

Now to don’t get us wrong there isn’t anything wrong with celebrating and enjoying freedom. However, it is sad to see how this nation remembers patriotism for only one day, one night perhaps a few hours, and then would go back to being what they were on 13th August.

pakistan independence day freedom

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It is ironic to see the way we might expel so many emotions but just for the sake of what? The sacrifices made by the heroes who worked day and night to allow us to have the free state that we have today or for a mere selfie that we will forget within the next 24 hours. As years pass it seems that the actual meaning of Independence has lost all meaning.

The day of independence & where we stand?

We put up flags and decorate our homes, but forget to take them out till the very next year when they have become pieces of rags. We make obligations and promises but we litter the floors with plastic water bottles randomly without the idea of how it is making our country unhygienic.

pakistan independence day freedom

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In addition, we talk about the beauty our country comprises of yet, the minute the opportunity of working abroad occurs we are jumping up and down to avail it. Simultaneously, each year we make promises to our nation that we will make Pakistan proud and known in the world, etc. However, we still fail to keep up with it.

We must stand together free from prejudices

From harassment to discrimination against gender we promise to avoid all, yet at the same time, we feel agitated to even see women compelling.

pakistan independence day freedom

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In Pakistan is a beautiful country, but most importantly Pakistan is a beautiful nation. The purpose of this story isn’t to debate on how to celebrate this independence day or the next! It is to reflect on how those atrocities and brutalities that forefathers faced were something we can’t even imagine ourselves.

The bloodshed for this nation, for the freedom that we have and the free air; that we breathe doesn’t deserve to be wasted on division amongst political and racial views. No! This free state and our beautiful home was made for us to democratically decide and build our own future with a Muslim identity.

Hence, the only way that can be possible is if we look within ourselves. We giveaway our biases, we stand up for all lives. And we fight for the Pakistan that our Quaid fought for and Allama Iqbal envisioned! Happy Independence Day to all! May Pakistan live long and prosper!

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