Pakistanis Fans Honour Sushant Singh Rajput After The Actor Took His Life

Sushant Singh demise

Sushant Singh’s death took the world by a complete shock. Everyone loved Sushant Singh for his dedication to work and attitude towards life, sadly though, no one knew he was battling something far more worse-depression. All over the globe, the death of this rising star.

Pakistani fans honor Sushant Singh

The relationship between Pakistan and India is quite chaotic at the moment, as PM Modi points fingers at Pakistan. This of course is impacting other sectors of life also and many fans of celebrities of both countries tend to be in an on and off battle with appreciating and not appreciating their favorite stars.

Hearing about the sudden death of Sushant Singh left the whole world to feel tragic and shocked. And like always Pakistan was the first to offer a shoulder to India during this time of grief. Many fans from Pakistani celebrities joined together to share their condolences and heartbreak over the matter.

Some are wishing for Sushant Singh’s soul and offering his family condolences, there are many people who were busy reminding us about Islam and the difference between ‘sache momin’ and ‘kafir’. To counter, many fans from both sides of India and Pakistan spoke up against the matter but it was rather saddening to see how people use religion as a matter to support arguments.

Is the stance right?

Remorse and regret are the only two things that come to mind. For instance, death is a part of life that should be respected and no sanctions or religious atrocities be put in the middle. Humanity mustn’t be about Islam or any other religion. Yet here we see many of the people using religion as a way to not wish well to Sushant Singh or his family. Many fans from Pakistan have also fought back against it and advised to not use this time to criticize someone however, the battle is ongoing. The answer to this chaos is love. It is time that both Pakistan and India leave behind the premise of war and suffrage and move on.

Sushant Singh was just one rising stat who lost us, but there are many who might go and leave because of depression. It is also noteworthy that many times, comments such as these are becoming a reason for someone to face troubling and painful issues of depression. Hence, we suggest, that politics, entertainment, and religious views should not be mixed. Love is the answer to all bad fortunes and it is eventually going to be the reason behind prosperity.

In the end, all we can say is that it isn’t someone’s religion or fate that distinguishes them, it’s their inner strength and goodwill, that sets them apart. We pray for Sushant Singh’s soul with a lot of love from Pakistan and we also hope that our Indian friends unite with us too.

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