TPL Maps: Pakistan First Digital Mapping Solution

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In this digital world where we use Careem and Uber for our daily transit or use Foodpanda to find latest discounts and good food nearby, what is the thing which is common between all of us … the answer would be GOOGLE Maps and we all know that whenever we want to go somewhere new, we all use GOOGLE Maps.

But the limitation that comes with GOOGLE Map is accuracy, for example, my house number is 800 but my house number on Google map is 817. Whenever I call Careem, this is mainly an issue because GOOGLE maps are not local. Therefore, they might not have access to such information or only have limited information provided by their users.


But not to worry anymore we have a local mapping service which is called, TPL Maps. It is Pakistan’s first mapping solution which comes with LIVE TRAFFIC, 3D MAPS, VOICE NAVIGATION, SMART NAVIGATION, covers 1,500,000(1.5 Million) POIs with over 500 cities and a housing data of over 1,000,000 addresses.

Since the company is Karachi based, therefore it provides way much better services to Karachites in terms of navigation compared to GOOGLE maps, but the company is still working and improving. Hope to see more from you TPL. Good Work Keep it up.

Hope to see more coming from TPL.

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