40% Pilots In Pakistani Airlines Have Fake Licenses – PIA Says It Will Ground 150 Pilots

PIA Fake Degree

Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar has claimed on the floor of the National Assembly that Pakistan has 860 active pilots amongst which 262 are working based on fake degrees.

Sarwar revealed the startling news about the fake pilots while presenting a provisional inquiry report about the PIA plane crash in Karachi.

“Pakistan has 860 active pilots, which includes PIA, Serene Air, and Air Blue pilots as well. The inquiry which was initiated in February 2019 showed that 262 pilots did not give the exam themselves and asked someone else to sit for the exam on their behalf,” the minister said.


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He said they found out that pilots with fake licenses did not even have proper flying experience. The 40 percent “fake license holders also include hundreds of pilots who are not active flyers.”

Sarwar further revealed Pilots were appointed on a political basis and merit was ignored while appointing them. However, he said the inquiry had been initiated and show cause notice was served to many.

PIA fake degree holders

Also, the management of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has decided to ground its 150 pilots. PIA spokesperson Abdullah Hafeez told Dawn that about 150 pilots were being grounded based on fake degrees.

The A8303 plane crash prompted an inquiry into the pilot’s credentials after they were found at fault. Sarwar also accused pilots of being overconfident and lack concentration during the flight.

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Earlier this year, PIA had identified 466 employees with fake degrees and educational certificates working at the airline for many years.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan also sought the details of bogus degrees of PIA employees. They gave a last chance to the management to take action against them. The Chief Justice said the PIA employees who hold fake degrees should be removed.


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