Pakistan Didn't Invite India On Its Cultural Day Program During The SCO Military Drill Held In Russia!

Pakistan Didn’t Invite India On Its Cultural Day Program During The SCO Military Drill Held In Russia!

SCO Military Drill 2019

In the ongoing Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) army drill in Russia, a cultural event was organized by Pakistan On Thursday. SCO, also known as Shanghai pact is a political, economical and security alliance which includes 8 member states: Pakistan, China, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Russia, and Uzbekistan. This drill was hosted by Russia and the rest of the member states participated.

Council of the Heads of State


Multi-nation military exercise ‘TSENTR 2019’ in Russia started September 9th till 23rd. The opening ceremony was attended by all senior military officials of the 8 countries participating.

According to the sources, every other day a cultural event is held by all these countries and this time it was Pakistan’s turn.

Pakistan invited all participating countries except India.

According to the sources, “In violation of existing diplomatic norms and in contravention of SCO norms,” India was excluded from Pakistan’s cultural program.  “Thursday was marked for Pakistan but it did not send any invitation to India,” a military official mentioned. This isn’t the only time India was ignored, during the 9th Meeting of the Council of the Heads of State (CHS) of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Modi was left isolated while Imran Khan shared all the attention. 

Modi Ignored At SCO Summit 2019

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Post-Pulwama was the starting point of the relationship with India turning sour and ties with India weakening to the point that after the scrapping of Article 370, the situation between the two nations escalated.

The entire world has seen India for what it truly is; an extremist Hindu nation that doesn’t exercise any rights for the minorities. Muslims have already been oppressed by this Hindutva nationalist regime and now after revoking all special powers that Muslim majority Indian-occupied Kashmir had, the Indian military has been committing gross human rights violations.

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They have complete control over their national media that reports a happy-go-lucky environment within the locked-down Kashmir which is far from the truth. The local journalists that want to report ground realities are hunted down by the Indian personnel and force them to delete their footages. 

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PTI and Prime Minister Imran Khan have been making considerable efforts in highlighting India’s atrocities in IOJ&K internationally and continues to seek the support of the UN and other countries. However, he showed his disappointment over the silence this world is showing over the obvious monstrosities committed by India in IoK.

Pakistanis showed support on this decision and trolled India online!

The citizens of Pakistan consider India to be unworthy of being invited to Pakistan’s culture day.

The ‘Hitler Regime’, says one and warns India to stop the bloodshed of poor Kashmiris. Urges every member state to remove India from any programs to follow.

Another suggests that they shouldn’t feel bad about being left out by Pakistan and simply exclude them the next time around when it is their turn.

By not inviting India to the event, Pakistan showed its solidarity and support with Kashmir. Since India has exhausted all of Pakistan’s options of peace talks, these are the only options left; to exclude India wherever possible.

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