All Educational Institutions To Reopen From The First Week Of September

Pakistan Educational Institutes

The haphazard situation of COVID-19 has made people’s lives come to a standstill. The routine lifestyle of every person around the globe is heavily impacted by the ongoing pandemic. Then to top it off, the imposition of the online schooling system was failing before it could be even properly implemented.

Now as per the latest media reports, all the educational institutes across the country will reopen from the first week of September.

The minute the news hit TV channels and social media, the Twitterati and Netizens are going haywire with this news. Although some students might feel a bit relieved, the idea of online classes might come to an end; but the question is the approach viable? Is it too soon to go for reopening institutes?

Pakistan Educational Institutes

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Provided the fact, that many still aren’t following the SOP. The public seems to be divided on the notion and thus the chaos about educational institutions to open or not is hitting social media crazily. While some think that due to the ongoing situation in the country due to the pandemic, the decision is not quite practical and may cause an increase in the number of casualties.

Should they reopen?

Moreover, others disagree with this notion and are not satisfied with the decision taken by the government. However, the government is making sure to make all educational institutes, which include: schools, colleges, and universities to reopen; and also follow all the SOP’s set by the government.

Come to think of it, this might work. Pakistani society is known for working more proficiently under the spectrum of forcefulness. Perhaps, when they will be forced to come in the proper SOP’s required attire, COVID-19 can be tackled more easily. As of now, all we can hope is that we are able to tackle it. And also, for Pakistan to go back to its routine.

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