Pakistan On The Path Of Self-Destruction After Ease In Lockdown, Warns Dr. Tahir Shamsi

Pakistan Ease Lockdown Dr. Tahir Shamsi

Currently, the decision of lifting the lockdown has resulted in clashes between the government authorities of Pakistan. While the final decision has bowed into the favor of freedom, the nation is scared by the increasing coronavirus cases.

It’s been more than a month now that Pakistan is under strict lockdown with the business dealings ending at 5 pm. Last week, Prime Minister Imran Khan after analyzing the condition of the underprivileged, decided to lift the lockdown. However, the majority disagreed and now the well-reputed Dr. Tahir Shamsi is backing the same notion.

Dr. Tahir Shamsi’s take on the current coronavirus situation

Sharing his opinion on the matter, Dr. Tahir Shamsi recently called it ‘self-destruction’ after hearing the news of easing the lockdown. Invited as a guest on anchorperson Nadeem Malik’s talkshow, Shamsi shared his valuable opinion on the current situation. Moreover, he gave a quite clear picture of what could happen if the lockdown is lifted in such circumstances.

Dr Tahir Shamsi says we are on the way towards self destruction by opening everything.

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Dr. Tahir Shamis’s translated version: ”The time I was listening to the address, Prime Minister (Imran Khan)’s crying face was in my mind that the lockdown is being lifted. In my opinion, we have moved onto the way of destruction. It’s basically self-destruction as they have decided it on their own to not let people die of hunger.”

The expected rise in coronavirus cases

Further, Dr. Tahir Shamsi added, ”Now, we would be lucky if the number of coronavirus patients doesn’t go from thousands to lacs in the next few weeks. We have already seen the fatality rate increased drastically as the confirmed cases are above 1,500 now. It is expected that the number will reach 2,000 to 2,500 in the next week. Meanwhile, the death ratio is expected to jump from 50 to 100. Just pray that Eid is spent calmly.”

Pakistan Ease Lockdown Dr. Tahir Shamsi

Source: Al Jazeera

”When we had the time and window of opportunity from March to the center of April, we have lost it. Now, we are in a situation that neither moving forward will help nor stepping back will help. If we re-impose the lockdown, it’s of no use because the damage has already been done.”

The afore-mentioned scenario is indeed true and it can serve as a fatal move for the entire nation. Certainly, with over many innocent deaths, the government’s decision of easing the lockdown can have severe consequences. Let’s hope that the taken decision won’t affect the upcoming Eid and the situation will remain under control.

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