Pakistan Development Update 2018: We Will Come Out As Winners!

Pakistan Development Update 2018

Where there is a nation, there needs to be nation-building with bold and sincere efforts applied in the right direction. Our homeland, Pakistan, acquired independence nearly seven decades ago as a developing nation with meager resources at its disposal. As such, the need for drastic measures directed at economic upheaval became imperative. Ever since, Pakistan is treading along the course of economic revival, though amid periodic hiccups.

Frankly speaking, there haven’t been more of good times than the adverse ones in our national history. Here, Pakistan development update 2018 provides its audience with an insight on how things have shaped up with time for our developing state.

The Ideal Developmental Sectors

National Productivity And Growth: Education Is The Key

Education Is The Key To All Progress

Source: World Bank Blogs – World Bank Group

The process of development in a country encompasses betterment in the following national sectors, namely:

  1. Civil Society
  2. Governmental Infrastructure
  3. Economic And Financial Assistance
  4. Dispute Resolution Processes
  5. Staving Off Corruption
  6. Maintaining Cultural Identities
  7. Strategic Orientation

It should be realized that nation-building is more than just state-building. The importance of human values against democratic values and economic equality cannot be undermined. Bringing Pakistan into the context, we quite luckily possess nearly all the resources required for the purpose of growth and progress. But, whatever Mother Nature has bestowed to us has never been put to its full utility for one reason or another. More often than not, it has been the international influence playing its sinister part in our “inability” to catch up with swiftly developing nations.

Need For National Development

There are certain pre-requisites to an integrated and organized national community. National progress matters in the sense that a strong state is vital to providing security. Generally, failed states are the natural outcome of national, regional, or global security problems, or human rights abuses. The prime objective of nation-building is the provision of stable peace and a secure community, which can fulfill the needs of the people within it. Development in the educational sector comes by as being the most important and inevitable exercise for the uplift of the nation as a whole. This can only be initiated with the participation of the civil society in the process.

National Infrastructure Development: Focused At Prosperity And Bloom

Pakistan Development Update 2018: Enlivening The Prospects


With the development of national-level institutions come social welfare and prosperity within the state. Nation- building is essentially a multi-faceted process that moves along differently in each local circumstance. As a developing nation, we should prepare leaders for nation-building. By providing training in basic law, civics, city planning, public administration, economics, culture and ethics, efficient groups of individuals can be built up. Since nation-building is an evolutionary process, it is slow and gradual.

As experts have put it, nation-building comprises of five fundamentals:

  1. National Security
  2. Food Security
  3. Energy Security
  4. Environment Security
  5. Macroeconomic Security

Pakistan Development Update 2018: The Way Forward

For several reasons, Pakistan has been justly entitled with “The Land Of Opportunities”. It is a fact undeniable that a peaceful, progressive and productive Pakistan is the requirement of the world at large. Pakistan has a voluptuousness of natural resources that can not only carry through domestic needs but can also be exported. Yet, we find an undue dearth of natural and man-made resources inflicting our general populace. The meaningless shortfall in agricultural, industrial and energy sectors gives rise to a number of questions that need to be addressed.

The Strategic Position Of Pakistan: Reaping The Demographic Dividend

Pakistan enjoys regional and global strategic importance owing to its cardinal location at the crossroads of South Asia, Central Asia, China, and the Middle East. Adding icing to the cake, its growing working population, rich untapped resources, and great trade potential are all gateways to its economic boon. The advantageous location of Pakistan has been the hub of great activities for the past twenty-five years or so. Our nation is blessed with a repository of extremely diversified physical features extending for thousands of miles along its three bordered sides. With special importance attached to oil and gas-rich Central Asian Republics, Pakistan would definitely be benefited as it provides the shortest exit to these land-locked states.

Strategic Importance Of Pakistan’s Location: Gateway To Viable Trade And Commerce 

Pakistan Enjoys A Crucial Demographic Position


The geo-strategic location of Pakistan plays a very substantial role in influencing and shaping the dynamics of the region. It is due to this strategic setting that the neighboring countries find themselves compelled to rely on Pakistan for their strategic concerns. In one way or the other, the presence of Pakistan is critical for all neighboring countries and this elevates its international worth.

Pakistan Development Update 2018: Extracting The Untapped Resources

It is a sorry state of affairs that a significant majority of Pakistanis are still struggling at large in making both their ends meet. Despite being self-sufficient in various natural resources, the country finds itself at the receiving end with respect to its imports vs exports bill. We possess nature-gifted sweet water in the form of rivers, yet we face a water supply shortage. We have untapped coal and gas reserves, yet we confront grave energy crisis. So much to our politicians’ political will and intention!

Pakistan, as a developing nation, presents a highly capable and favorable environment for tapping its undiscovered potential. In almost all spheres of human life, there is sufficient room for betterment. For the needful, strategic planning at a professional level stands imperative to long-term national interests. Our policy-makers can initiate the revival process from this very point onwards. For clarity and simplicity, we’ll discuss Pakistan development update 2018 and our potential for further progress.

Tapping The Untapped Pakistani Potential: Creating Opportunities For Brighter Prospects

Pakistan Development Update 2018: Enlivening The Prospects

Source: Daily Mail

  • Gas, Coal And Oil Exploration Furthered

We should begin looking for more opportunities to turn the country into an attractive destination for exploration investment from all over the world. Through private mining and exploration investment, much of our mineral and energy resources can be effectively unlocked. Baluchistan by far is the richest province in terms of natural resources. It has two known natural gas reserves, huge coal deposits and around 120 different types of precious and semi-precious stones.

The hot-topic of tourism in Pakistan, and what we can give to the world!

  • Our Tourism Industry

In terms of direct, indirect and induced global economic contribution, travel and tourism are one of the largest industries in the world. Through governmental efforts, Pakistan is rapidly emerging to reap the economic benefits of this industry. With a mere 2.8% share in the GDP, our tourism industry is operating way below its potential and has an immense capacity to expand. This would create jobs on one hand and generate revenue for the country on the other.

  • Exports Of Pakistan

Our economic experts and financial maestros have repeatedly urged the government to adopt a holistic approach aimed at developing both the agricultural and industrial sectors to tap the export potential of 15 billion dollars. Also, the business community needs to adopt an aggressive marketing strategy to obtain a due share in the international market. Pakistan has huge potential in doubling its exports within a year by exploring potential international markets for its trade enhancement.

Pakistan’s Developing Export Sector: Step Towards Economic Revival

Industrial Growth Gives Rise To Export Activities


  • Developing The E-commerce Sector

On a global basis, the e-commerce industry has grown by leaps and bounds. Likewise, Pakistan’s e-Commerce market has gone through exponential growth within a span of a few years. Thanks to the entry of 3G/4G services and public accessibility to cheaper smartphones, things have changed for good.

The e-Commerce industry has witnessed boon owing to a number of factors such as technology, range of selection, ease of usage and credible payment options. This mode of shopping is trending and gaining popularity with each passing day. Amongst all economic indicators, the development in this online sector is going to buzz the loudest in the near future.

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