Customs Conducts Grand Operation, Seizes Drugs Worth Rs15 Billion

pakistan customs seize drugs

Customs officials in Karachi seized smuggled drugs of worth Rs 15 billion from the high sea. They conducted one of the biggest operations in collaboration with the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) on Thursday.

The officials seized 2,410-kg fine hashish, 133-kg brown crystal, and 181-kg of ice crystal worth approx Rs 15billion which was being transported through high sea. The cache was subsequently handed over to PMSA for investigation. It was one of the historic raid and biggest accomplishment of the Pakistani authorities.

A government official shared the news through Twitter.

The operation and the seizure of narcotics by the Pakistan Customs and PMSA was made possible after a meticulous planning and constant surveillance of the maritime zones of Pakistan. The officials aim to curb illicit activities, including piracy, maritime terrorism, narco-arms smuggling, and human smuggling.

Drug smuggling in Pakistan

Moreover, Pakistan’s geographic location next to Afghanistan, the world’s largest producer of illicit opium, places the country in a vulnerable position in terms of drug trafficking. The patterns of illicit drug production and distribution have seen transitions as a result of social, economic, and political developments in the region.

Drugs culture has also become common in Pakistan. From the days of opium and hashish to openly available synthetic weed and ecstasy pills – we have got it all.

Different authorities working in Pakistan work tirelessly to stop drug trafficking in the country. It is a kind of daily practice that the government seizes drugs worth millions from different locations of Pakistan.

Recently, the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) Pakistan also seized 138.6-kg narcotics valuing $1.91 million in the international market. They arrested eight culprits and impounded two vehicles during seven counter-narcotics strikes.

According to details, the ANF Rawalpindi conducted an intelligence-based operation at Sakar Koi, Gilgit. It recovered 500-gram hashish from the possession of the arrested accused Nusrat Wali (a resident of Gilgit). In another operation, the ANF Rawalpindi arrested Shakeel Ahmed, also from Gilgit, and recovered 600-gram hashish from his possession.


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