Pakistan Crosses China In Coronavirus Cases & This Is Dangerous

coronavirus in pakistan

The coronavirus cases in Pakistan on Thursday have passed China’s with a tally of 85,264 along with 82 fatalities in one day. The nationwide count of casualties has jumped to 1,770. On Wednesday more than 5,000 cases were reported.

Pakistan left China behind in numbers of cases as the total number crossed 85,000 mark against China’s 83,021 cases. The number of tests conducted in the country so far are 20,167 with 20,000 per day sampling.

Till now 32,910 coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Sindh, 31,104 in Punjab, 11,373 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 5,224 in Balochistan, 3,544 in Islamabad, 824 in Gilgit-Baltistan and 285 in Azad Kashmir. Furthermore, 607 individuals have lost their lives to the epidemic in Punjab, 555 in Sindh, 500 in KP, 51 in Balochistan, 38 in Islamabad and 12 in GB.

The scourge of Covid-19 is affecting the doctors and front line workers fighting COVID-19 in the country.

The novel coronavirus emerged in the central China city of Wuhan towards the end of last year. It proliferated to almost the whole world within a couple of months. China had the most number of cases of COVID-19 patients but now many other countries have taken over the top positions.

Pakistan, despite its close proximity with China, remained coronavirus-free until February 26 when a young man from Karachi tested positive after returning from Iran.

Twitter reacts to increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases

While many Pakistanis are showing concern over the increasing number of cases in Pakistan, many believe that it’s just a myth and conspiracy by the government.

Although the cases have been surging each passing day, Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced to ease the lockdown in the country. Nearly after two months of imposing the lockdown, PM Khan believes that the government is not able to sustain the economy.

However, easing the lockdown has seen the rapid increase in the number of fatalities in the country due to COVID-19.

Recently, the testing study concluded by the Government of Punjab itself has made a shocking revelation. Through smart sampling, it is being expected, that Lahore currently has almost 7 lac coronavirus positive cases.


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