Pakistan’s Coronavirus Combating Efforts Land $5 Million Aid From YouTube

Pakistan Coronavirus YouTube $5 Million Aid

Among other developing countries of the world, Pakistan is being recognized as the frontline fighter against coronavirus. Since the start, the government efforts and the imposed strategies have attracted several authentic sources for aid.

Previously, Pakistan became the reason for relief for about 70 other developing countries regarding the payment of IMF loans. Considering Prime Minister Imran Khan’s request, IMF and World Bank called for the removal of debt for poor countries. Well, this time, the strategic combat against the coronavirus has brought in another $5 million form YouTube.

CEO of YouTube announces financial aid for Pakistan

Currently, the number of coronavirus cases in Pakistan is drastically increasing and it is definitely a sign of worry. As per the latest reports, the country is about to touch the 30,000 mark of confirmed cases which is alarming. Moreover, the shortage of medicine and other related equipment and facilities are in sight making it even more difficult to fight.

Pakistan Coronavirus YouTube $5 Million Aid

Source: Observer

But the authorities are still making untiring efforts to overcome the situation and keep it under control by any possible means. Meanwhile, in a bid to support Pakistan in its fight with the virus, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of YouTube came in. Susan Wojcicki recently wrote a letter to PM Imran Khan praising Pakistan for its timely take on the COVID-19 situation.

PM Imran Khan’s earlier visit to Davis

Without further ado, the CEO of the world’s biggest video sharing platform assured Khan of financially aiding the country. According to the gathered reports,  Susan Wojcicki announced to provide $5 million for the fight against coronavirus. Moreover, her supportive stance towards Pakistan will help it eliminate the fear of running out of medical supplies.

Pakistan Coronavirus YouTube $5 Million Aid

Source: Dawn

Before this ‘letter interaction’, Susan Wojcicki and PM Imran Khan had met during an event in Davis, California. Happened earlier this year, the two had a brief discussion on using social media to further improve Pakistan’s image. Moreover, they also talked about the future of tourism in Pakistan and gathering investment for a promising and beneficial outcome.

Regarding the coronavirus lockdown, recently, a clash between the government authorities became the talk of the town. Earlier, Dr. Tahir Shamsi that the ease in lockdown, at this point will lead Pakistan towards destruction. Certainly, he said it after analyzing the increasing number of cases and the escalating conditions due to the deadly disease.

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