WATCH: ‘Churails’ Are Coming To Expose Cheating Husbands Of Karachi’s Elite

Zee5 removes Churails Show

After the continuous and ongoing battle with COVID-19, and countless misfortunes, it seems that 2020 is now showing us the fruitfulness that comes after patience. The trailer of Churails is out and Pakistani’s can’t get over the amazement and awesomeness the show’s trailer promises.

According to Zee5 Zindagi, the show will be having 10 episodes; each of which will be of 55 minutes approximately. The final date of the release of the show is going to be 11th August 2020. Churails promises not the only action, but it also depicts the dark issues of society in a completely new light.

churails pakistan trailer

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The entire story of the show is based on four empowering women who are running a secret detective agency, which exposes cheating husbands in the elite society of Pakistan. Exciting right?

The winning pinnacle of the entire story plot is how women are more than servants and something of a lower gender. As have been portrayed by so many stories and shows up till now.

The whole story of Churails covers and opens room for different issues that exist in the society of Pakistan today; such as sexism, child abuse, etc.

churails pakistan trailer

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The powerful cast of ‘Churails’

Perhaps, the most attractive thing about the Trailers of Churails is how strong the cast of the entire show is. It includes Sarwat Gillani, Mehr Bano, Yasra Rizvi, Meher Jafri, the inspiring Sarmad Khoosat, Sania Saeed, and Omair Rana.

churails pakistan trailer

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The graceful Gillani plays the role of Sara who is a perfect wife but what there is something within her personality that daunting, bold, and charismatic. Something beguiling about her personality is truly going to keep you hooked.

churails pakistan trailer

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Secondly, we have talented Rizvi who like always stands like a queen. She will be playing the role of Jugnu Chaudhry, and well, will be having quite a classy role in the whole show, like a true boss!

churails pakistan trailer

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Even Bucha stole the show with a fierce comeback and a very dark role; she will be playing Batool who is secretive, philosophical, and very bold.

churails pakistan trailer

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Lastly, Bano will be seen in a very dominating and courageous spirit. She will surely be someone, who you don’t want to mess with! Unless you are craving a black eye!

churails pakistan trailer

Source: SomethingHaute

The whole trailer of Churail shows as these four queens work their way into exposing cheating husbands while operating under the name of a fashion store, which they call ‘Halal Designs’.

The chief creative officer states, “There is an increasing need for women’s voices to be heard, and not stereotype fierce women for their strength, or patronize them for their insecurities. Churails is bold, vulnerable, and empowering all at the same time.”

Model Eman Suleman all excited to watch ‘Churails’!

Even celebrities like Eman Suleman who is the star of the famous film Zindagi Tamasha are all geared up to watch the four queens of screens enlighten the audience with their amazing and mind-blowing talent!

All in all, we are very excited to watch this pro-women show on 11th August 2020. We hope that unlike the ambiguity that circulates Sarmad Khoosat’s film Zindagi Tamasha, at least, this film is given a chance and no controversy circulates it!


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