Pakistan Censor Board Bans “Padman” and the Locals are Not Happy At All!

When it comes to awareness regarding social aspects that revolve the natural cycle, the South Asian countries still consider the subjects as ‘taboo’. Subjects such as menstrual cycle, sex education, marital rape and various more societal subjects are considered as the “no-no” topics in the community.

We live in a society where the menstruation cycle of a woman is a topic which is frowned upon. Women have to purchase their sanitary napkins in a brown bag as if you are buying something which is illegal, such as booze, which is sold in a brown bag to make sure they are hidden.

On the other hand, while the urban female population is well-aware of the sanitary knowledge and have the necessities, the rural area women are not. They use unhygienic means to address their menstruation needs.

To address this matter, India film Padman was released, starring Akshay Kumar and Sonam Kapoor.

With the Aim of Biographical Film to Create Awareness in Countries Such as India and Pakistan, Padman is Doing Well on the Box Office

However, the Pakistani Censor Board has Banned the Film in the Country!

The reason is exactly what is wrong with our country’s progressiveness

Sanam Saeed Shares her Concerns on the Banning of the Film in Pakistan

Same Happened in Verna Which Displayed Rape, Remember?



The Film Hasn’t Been Viewed by the Censor Board

Let’s wait to see if the outrage by the Pakistani audience leads to the display of the film which exposes nothing, but the knowledge that is required by the society.

Padman reflects the struggle of a man who devoted himself towards the needs of women’ menstrual necessities. First of all, it is a great initiative by the Indian cinema to produce a film which sheds light on such an important subject. Pakistani cinema, which is way behind in the film industry, may not be able to work on such a subject, which is essentially why we need to allow our locals to see such films.

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