Pakistan Bleeds As Many Lose Their Lives In The Lahore Blast Allegedly Engineered By India

A powerful bomb blast on ripped through a protest in Lahore, claiming the lives of at least 11 people and wounding dozens. The bomb blast took place outside provincial assembly building during a rally attended by hundreds of pharmacists protesting against a new government law.

According to the reports, Jamaat-ul-Ahrar claimed responsibility for the attack, however, many people believe that India is behind the attack.

This is what published in one of their articles covering the attack,

“According to security sources, intelligence agencies had already warned of a major terrorist attack. Lahore was being seen as a potential hot spot for terrorist activity in light of a major sports event that was to happen in this city, final match of the Pakistan Super League 2017. Lahore has in the past faced a similar terrorist attack on Pakistan cricket.

Earlier, PSL 2017 was marred by a match-fixing scandal orchestrated by a bookie connected to an Indian network. It Looks like PSL in particular and Pakistani Cricket, in general, is yet again being attacked from all directions by Pakistan’s mortal enemy. They want to torpedo any event which might send a message of stability in Pakistan and the Indian media is already rejoicing.”

“This is another attack at the very heart of the Pakistani nation because only just when things were starting to look good for Pakistan on the international stage, the enemy has resorted to the same dirty tactics. We need to make the world understand that India has been supporting terrorism in Pakistan for a long time, in the 70’s in the form of Mukti Bahini and since 2001 in the form of TTP and Baloch Terror Organizations. Pakistan has to stand up to Indian terrorism and respond with an iron fist.”

Daily Pakistan reported:

“India media has started questioning the security situation in Lahore in light of the PSL final, which is going to be held in the city on March 5. 
In its malicious campaign against Pakistan, the Indian media without giving names of players is reporting that foreign players circumspect about going to the terror-hit country”.
It is just sad how we remain clueless about the culprits and government fails to provide adequate security every single time. Every year a part of our country bleeds, we weep for few days and then that is it… we move on.

The speculations of locals kept rising as the blast continues to be propaganda planned by India.

Aside from this, there was continues firing on LOC (Bhimber) at 3 am in the morning and took place an hour ago as well.

A blast in Quetta happened few minutes after Lahore blast.

Commander Raziq of BDS team killed in Quetta blast, alongside a number of casualties.

In a timeline, following is what happened in Pakistan today:
1. Firing at LOC at 3 am in the morning
2. Blast in Lahore
3. Blast in Quetta
4. Firing at LOC (again), killing 3 jawans.

Here’s the aerial v

In these sad affairs take took the entire country by storm in just one day proves how we need to stay united and how our government needs to do something.


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