We Are Proud Of YOU! Pakistan Army Rescues 5 Telecom Workers Kidnapped Near Afghan Border

Pakistan Army Rescues Telecom Workers

Pakistan Army rescues five telecom workers kidnapped by militants last month close to the Afghan border. It did operations in which two soldiers were also killed.

Northwest Pakistan’s border regions have become relatively peaceful after years of violence. But Pakistani Taliban have been more active recently amid concern that surging violence in Afghanistan will spill over the frontier.

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No group claimed responsibility for the kidnapping of 16 men. They were installing a mobile telephone tower in the Kurram district on June 26.

Ten of the workers were later released. But one man was beheaded and the militants demanded a ransom for the last five.

“To rescue the remaining 5 abducted laborers, security forces launched series of intelligence-based operations under extreme weather conditions,” the military said in a statement.

On Thursday, Pakistan Army militants rescues the telecom workers. The military did not say which militants group it believed was behind the kidnapping. But said civilians in the area fully supported “the security forces in fighting the menace of terrorism”.

Pakistan Army’s Captain Basit Ali, 25, and Sepoy Hazrat Bilal, 22, also embraced martyrdom fighting militants.

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Communities holding rallies against Pakistani Taliban

Communities along the border have been holding rallies to call on the government to protect them from the Pakistani Taliban. They have over the past year have formed an alliance with other outlawed groups. 

The militants have launched a series of attacks on the Pakistani security forces, government officials, and suspected collaborators. They also did kidnappings and extorted money, said, government officials.

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Militants martyred three soldiers near the border on July 5. The Pakistani Taliban, or Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), claimed responsibility.

Pakistan has said the Pakistani militants could take advantage of growing instability in Afghanistan and operate along the border more freely as the Afghan Taliban take ground from government forces.

Afghanistan has for years accused the Pakistani military of providing covert support for the Afghan Taliban. Pakistan denies that.

Time and again, Pakistan Army has proved that deserves all our love and respect. We are so proud of our shaheeds [martyres] and jawans [soldiers].

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